My Latest Project:

If you follow me on Twitter, hopefully you've seen my recent "tweets" about my latest project.

Angie Writes-tweet

I've started a new website to market my writing experience and house my writing samples - you can check it out at I figured it was an easy URL to remember, and people wouldn't have to spell my 'tricky' last name right to find me.  :)

Right now I'm working on posting PDFs of the various articles I've written for magazines, with plans to add examples of web copy I've tweaked, along with screen shots.  I've already linked to my book website, and the press releases I've written that are posted at  What else do you think I should include on the AngieWrites site?

I'm also considering making my own banner in Photoshop - haven't decided yet.  Until then, I think the books are a good default design.

If anyone has any links to effective online portfolios that showcase writing samples/resumes, I'd love to see them!

The Entire Book of Me Series Now Available

I discovered this morning that I am not currently offering a deal that I have offered for years.  Ummm...huh?

I mean, for years, I have sold all three copies of my Book of Me series at one discounted price. But when I popped over to The Book of Me shop this morning, I realized I hadn't created that sales page when I moved my shop from OneScrappySite to Typepad.  OY!

So I have now created a sales page for the three-book combo deal: The Angie Pedersen Special - The Entire Book of Me series


I think the combo is aptly named - sounds rather egotistical, I know, but what better name for something that encourages you to be a little self-centered once in a while?  :)

Self-Publishing Secrets with Elaine Floyd

Elainefloyd I was very excited to see that my publisher, Elaine Floyd, is the guest speaker on an upcoming SpeakerNet News Teleseminar - July 8.  She will be addressing "Self-Publishing Secrets: How to Produce Your Own Bestseller". And this lady *totally* knows her stuff.  I mean, she did publish each of my three best-selling scrapbooking idea books.

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • how to create a system for selling not just one book, but a series [editor's note: from the beginning, she intended to make Book of Me a series, not just a single, stand-alone book.  She's always thinking ahead like that.]
  • why your book must exceed the standards of major publishers
  • the three critical components to making your book a success and what most self-publishers skip — to their book’s detriment
  • key components of a jump-off-the-shelf cover [I still get comments on the appeal of my book covers - Elaine was integral to their design.]
  • internal layout tips that separate “home-made” from professional [ditto on the internal pages - people *love* the sidebars in my books.]
  • how to decide between soft- and hard-cover

In short, if you are interested in self-publishing (or even if you're publishing with an commercial publisher) - Elaine's expertise will give you the inside scoop on getting your books to fly off the shelves.  I truly cannot sing her praises enough.

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The Book of Me on

The Book of Me, originally uploaded by shimelle.

Here's proof it pays to check out one's blog stats.  I was skimming through the stats for this blog this evening, and noticed a fair number of incoming links from Shimelle's blog: ♥ pretty paper. true stories. ♥.  Not totally impossible, I do know her, and have hung out with her several times.

So I pop over there, to this post - Right: where were we? - and see this lovely big photo (above).

Turns out she's been blogging about her scrapbooking history/career, and included a write-up of her experience contributing to The Book of Me.  Here's a snippet (she does loooove to write!): we’re back to the time warp and we’re up to 2002.  And this is the project I mentioned earlier that brought me bouncing out of my scrapbook burn out.

You may have gathered that it was not always the done thing to scrapbook about yourself, but if you weren’t there at the time it’s hard to imagine just how outrageous it was. Before I had met many scrapbookers in the UK, I went along to a crop organised by a few representatives from a direct-marketing scrapbook retailer—we are rewinding a bit here to late 1999, I should think. Seated around a table of strangers, I had brought one of my albums and my scrapbook basics and some photos and expected to scrapbook at my very first crop.  In getting started, the ladies at my table looked through my album and started asking me questions about my supplies and telling me there was no way that they could be photo safe and such…one went as far as to say there was no way to to make acid-free patterned paper. But really they were more interested in the fact that I was scrapbooking pictures of myself. And then the queen of subtlety had finally had enough.

“If you’re not married and you don’t have any children, then what do you have that’s worth putting in a scrapbook?”

In their favour, it was not the representatives who said this but one of their top customers. This was before I had ever been published (and these girls didn’t know of scrapbooking magazines anyway) and before I had much self-confidence in anything, much less scrapbooking. So while today I would retort with a mix of anger, education and careful wording, then I just cowered and cried. She may have thought she was asking a real question, but all I heard was the bit about my life not being worthy of a scrapbook page.  Ouch.

So a few years later Angie Pedersen, who lives in the same city where I grew up but I didn’t meet until I lived in England, asks me to contribute some pages and ideas to the project she is working on, The Book of Me, and it’s like the perfect little moment designed to help other girls who may have sat at a crop and been spoken to without thought and left to think they were not worthy of a scrapbook page. Brilliant. It was such a dream to work on that project, getting to see the drafts and things come together, email by email. It felt like important work, and it was probably the first time I felt empowerment in scrapbooking and grasped on to a bigger meaning for paper and glue. There was also a surprise when my copy arrived: on the Amazon page you can see the original draft of the cover, but the final cover ended up with the image above—I had no idea that I would be on the cover and it just about made my year. I love that it was a layout that marked a real change in my pages as well—it’s a single page, a 12×12 page, it’s a bit more arty, it’s sparkly, uses an enlarged photo and everything is in my own handwriting. The year before, that would have been a page I guessed would have been kicked back from publication. To see it on the cover made it feel like it was ahead of its time, perhaps. And it’s one that hasn’t really dated—I’m still quite happy with that little snapshot.

<Preen> Well, then. To have Shimelle Laine say that working on my book brought her "bouncing" out of a scrapbook burn out, and that "it was such a dream to work on that project", and that "it was probably the first time I felt empowerment in scrapbooking"... well.

Hat tip to Shimelle for making my day.

Be sure to pop over to Shim's blog to read more of her "time warp" posts - it's interesting to see the past 10 years of the scrapbooking industry summarized from her perspective.  Here are the posts so far:

It's Just a Jump to the Left

And Then a Step to the Right

Put Your Hands on Your Hips


Blogging 201: Yep, Spots Available Here Too!

Blogging201notebook More good news!  A select few spots are available in my other MemoryTrends seminar, Blogging 201: I Have a Blog...Now What?

We'll be discussing:

  • Drive Traffic – Boost Your Search Engine Mojo
  • Getting Involved in the Blogosphere.
  • Get More Blog Subscribers with RSS
  • Ways to Encourage participation
  • Post Valuable Content -- What to Blog About
  • Shameless (and Effective) Self-Promotion of your blog
  • Cross-Promote Your Blog (and your brand) with Web 2.0 Tools like:
  1. – social bookmarking sites
  2. MySpace/Facebook/Friendster – social networking sites
  3. LinkedIn/Ryze – business networking sites
  4. Podcasts
  5. YouTube/Google Video/Yahoo Video
  6. Twitter
  7. Message boards
  8. CafePress

This class is JAMMED FULL of all the coolest web promotion tips I know - I lay it all out in this class (and in the 6-page handout participants get to take home!)

Register now or on site!

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Blogging 101: Spots Still Available

Blogging101notebook Good news! I found out today that there are still a select few spots available to register for my Blogging 101 seminar at MemoryTrends!

Here's what I'll be covering:

  1. What is a blog? 
  2. How is it different from a regular newsletter or website? 
  3. Elements of a Blog/Terminology (with labeled screenshot example)
  4. How can a blog help my business? 
  5. How/where can you set them up? 
  6. How to choose a host
  7. How do you make a blog post? (with labeled screenshot example)
  8. What should you write about?
  9. Examples of using a blog for promotion

The class also includes a 8-page handout to keep for future reference.

Register now or at the show!

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All About Me Chat Transcript Available

The transcript from the All About Me/Book of Me chat I did last week is available on the ScrapGirls Message Board now.

Because I'm the teeniest bit anal, though, I downloaded it and "sanitized" it, linking together comments so it would flow together better as a discussion.  Here's my version, in .txt format: Download scrapgirlschat-may07.txt  You'll probably need to right-click and Save As, or it will just open up in your browser.


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An Important Birthday is Approaching...

The Book of Me by Angie Pedersen This National Scrapbook Day, May 5th, marks the 5th anniversary of the release of my first book, The Book of Me. Hard to believe, isn't it?? In honor of the occasion, I'm going to be putting together some resources to give away on my blog, like a mini digi kit and some journaling PDFs. I also will be linking to digi kits I find in online stores that would work well for BoM pages/albums. I thought I'd give you a heads up, in case you design digital scrapbooking kits or embellishments (or know anyone who does), and want to whip a kit together to offer in your store or on your blog.

The book anniversary is a great tie-in to promote the kit. You can call it a Book of Me kit if you base it on prompts, themes, or quotes from my book. I'd appreciate a mention of my name in the kit description, in that case - something like, "based on prompts from The Book of Me by Angie Pedersen" is probably all you'll need.

If you have (or know of something) that works for BoM, send me a link, and I may include it in my listing of resources.

So what do you think?  :)

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Scrapbook Journaling Class Starts 3/15

Just a heads up - there are a few spots left in my Essentials of Scrapbook Journaling class at Writers' Online Workshop.  Here's the course description:

Objective: The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with an understanding of some fundamental journaling techniques and to encourage—through the use of creativity exercises, hands-on writing assignments and constructive feedback—the development of your individual journaling style and creative expression.

The class starts 3/15/2007 and continues for four weeks.  Registration cutoff is 3/12/2007.

This is the ONLY journaling class I'm teaching for WOW this *year*, so be sure to join in the fun!

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DiSC Talk Radio Interview Now Available

Guest_blinkie Just a heads up that I was recently interviewed by Terra Atkinson for DiSC Talk Radio's Site Sensational.

Here's how DiSC Talk Radio described the interview:

If you are a designer, site owner, or anyone interested in the business side of scrapbooking, you must listen in to Terra Atkinson's informative and fun interview with Angie Pedersen. Boy, listening to Angie is like hearing an audio encyclopedia edition all about this hobby and business we love so much.

...Angie talks to Terra about her entry into the world of scrapbooking years ago, how she went about getting her first book published, the success of her many sites, and tips on how designers can be successful in the scrapbooking business.

The interview is about 56 minutes long, if I remember correctly, so lots of good stuff in there.  It was one of my better interviews -- Terra asked great questions!

BTW - to download the mp3, you'll need to login to the site.  You can register for free, and get access to all their podcasts.

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