Kudos for Wholly Scrap

I was very pleased to find this bit on the (new-to-me) blog, We Will Always Have Paris.

Wholly Scrap:  This was my hands-down favorite podcast, but it is no longer in production.  Producer Angie Pederson (author of The Book of Me) decided that it wasn't her thing, which is a damn shame.  However, her back episodes are available to download through iTunes.  She began each episode with recent news in the paper crafting industry.  I loved learning about new products before they hit the market.  I've written her begging that she continue the shows, but so far I've been unconvincing.  I guess she has her hands full with her various websites and marketing projects.  Bummer.

Well, paint my cheeks pink.  What a nice surprise that was.  Of course I had to leave Miss Korie a comment:

Well, girl, you just made my day with your comments about Wholly Scrap. And let me tell you, I do miss podcasting. It definitely IS my thing, and it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make to put the show "on hiatus". I still refuse to say that I "quit", because I loved it so much. I love(d) designing the shows, and the tech-geeky aspect of it. I still hold hope in my heart of getting back to it. You're right in that my other (paying) projects are taking up every moment of my time.

The industry news, at least, is still available, if only in print format, at ScrapbookingIndustryNews.com. I have been able to keep up with the blogging (on all three of my blogs), because I can do that in minutes, rather than hours.

Thanks so much for your fabulous comments about Wholly Scrap. Please know that I hope as much as you do that I can eventually return to it.

And I do mean it.  I still miss podcasting, even so many long months later.  If anyone out there figures out how to make it not take three to four evenings to put together a podcast with scripting, recording, and editing in music clips, do let me know, won't you?


Wholly Scrap - on hiatus

I've recently made the decision to put my podcast, Wholly Scrap, on indefinite hiatus.  Thought you should know.

I still love podcasts, still love the idea of podcasting, still even enjoy creating podcasts, but my schedule is just too full right now to allow for it.  Each show takes me about four evenings to put together, and I'm having more and more trouble finding that much time.  I've debated scaling back on the shows, maybe not including music bits, or just doing the Scrapbooking Industry News, or maybe making 5 minute shows.  But I don't really want to do that.  The show I want to produce is basically what I've been doing -- musical intros and interludes, Industry News, a show topic, and interviews.  That's the show I want to do.  So until I can do that, the show is on hiatus.

Hiatus means "a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted".  So that doesn't mean I'm quitting, or giving up.  Lord knows I hate the idea of being a "podfader"!  That's a personally unacceptable idea for me.  The idea of failure or giving up really chafes at me.  But I also need to be able to admit when too much is too much -- a hard idea for this over-achiever to swallow, but I'm working on it.  Too often recently I've been saying, "There just aren't enough hours in the day."  That's a sign I need to cut back.  The podcast is an acceptable loss, for the time being.

That said, I will continue to keep my Libsyn account open, so the archives are still available (and my iTunes listing is still valid).  And I will keep an eye on my schedule for a little "free time" to maybe pop out a show now and then.

Wholly Scrap! Episode #4b

Episode #4b:  Jumpstart Your Scrapbook Journaling
34:01 minutes; 31.1MB

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Scrapbooking Basics class at BNU, in the Life Improvement campus
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Help Determine My Podcast Format

Based on comments I received on my podcast in recent weeks, I have set up a survey to collect feedback on specific parts of the show.  Your answers can be anonymous, so hopefully I'll get a higher response than just asking for comments.  I'm interested in your responses because I'd hate to spend all this time putting together shows only to find that I'm ticking people off by what I'm doing!  Positive and "constructive" comments are about even right now, so your response could help tip the scales.  I'd really like to get some answers before I do the next show.

Click here to take the survey: Help Determine the Wholly Scrap Podcast Format

If you know anyone else who listens to the show, please pass the link to the survey on to them.

Thanks so much for your help! 

Upcoming Interview for Wholly Scrap!

I have an interview scheduled Saturday with Ronna Penner of scrapadelic.com and typadelic.com (digital scrapbooking, and fonts, respectively).  I plan to chat with her about both her font designs and her digi-scrapping -- the fonts go with my 'history' at OneScrappySite.com, and the digi stuff is more current for her.  Nice full circle.  We'll also probably chat about her new video tutorials.

My question to you -- any suggestions for questions?  Not that I'm hurting for content (I don't usually have a problem chatting with people...LOL).  But if you have a "burning question" for Ronna, please email me or leave a comment her.  I'll do my best to work it in.


Comments on Wholly Scrap! The Scrapbooking Podcast

Sharon just posted an interesting comment on my Wholly Scrap! blog.

I was really excited to see that you have a podcast. I am crazy for casts. I enjoy your blogs so this would be good. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. It was bascially your blogs read. I kept listening to the interview with Pressed Petals. Nice but the information was old as most of us have seen and heard about all the new stuff introduced at CHA. I won't right [sic] it off as I know you are still new in the podisphere and hope that this will be cast I want to listen to. I want more real Angie Pedersen. I can read your blogs but I want to know about what you think. Conversations, not just interviews!  BTW, I had to laugh at the Matthew Ebel intro. I guess I now "know" his music since I've been listening to so many podcasts.

Interesting insights, Sharon -- thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.  Gives me something to think about, and plan for.  I'd like to address some of these comments, not to shoot them down or dispute them, but to offer insight as to why I've done things the way I have.  A little background info always helps!  I hope no one takes offense at the length of my response -- I'm really not ranting, and I'm not upset; I'm just responding.

Yes, the scrapbooking industry news section is just me reading posts from my SB Industry News blog.  That's something I'm known for (compiling industry news), so I wanted to include something newsy in the podcast, although I hadn't intended to do quite so many.  Feedback I got from the first show told me people liked hearing the news in a podcast, because they could get the news while not tied to their computers; they could take the news with them (even to the grocery store!).  So I added a few more newsbriefs.

But I'm not sure how I would present the news differently, if that's what you mean.  I could mention the headline or newsy bit, then offer my comments/opinions on it, but I have always preferred to offer the industry news in a journalistic fashion -- just reporting the news.  Yes, I have opinions on just about all of the news, but I don't generally discuss them publicly.  Perhaps I'm a coward, but I do work in this industry, and it's not good business practice to go on record as disliking or disapproving of something, when I may work with the company later.  Likewise, my approval of something could be construed as an official endorsement, given my position, which is not something I can always offer, for whatever reason.  So, as lame as it may be, it's safest and wisest for me to just report the news and let others form their own opinions.  I almost always respond to direct questions, however (like if someone asks in my classes what my favorite adhesive is), I'll tell them.  But I hesitate to be too opinionated on the web, because it's archived forever, and those words could come back to haunt me.  I'll leave the opinions to Michelle!  ;)

I recorded those first three interviews in December 2005 as a part of another project, and wanted to use them, even though the information may seem outdated now.  I thought they still give some insight into the people I interviewed, and what they do in the industry. Plus, I thought they turned out well, considered the newbie I am at recording with Skype and at editing audio. ;)

Going forward, I will be doing new interviews, and posting them soon after, so hopefully they will seem "fresher".  My intention is to ask questions that give insights into different kinds of jobs, or how someone got started, or the backstory for specific projects. I also make a concerted effort to make the interviews more like conversations, as one industry professional to another, giving some insight into what it means to be the people we both are.  I try to put myself into those conversations, "the real Angie Pedersen", but it's also very important for me to really listen, and not dominate the conversation.  After all, I'm asking these questions because I really want to know the answers!  If anyone has any suggestions on how I can be more "real me", I will certainly consider them.

I suppose I could answer similar questions about myself, if people would find that interesting.  I've done so many interviews since Book of Me came out (not to mention putting so much of myself into the book!), I figure everyone knows everything there is to know!  ;)  If anyone has any burning questions about me, my life, or what I think about a specific something, let me know!  I'd be happy to add a section to the show called, "Ask Angie".  I'll consider personal, professional, or scrapbooking questions. (that's about everything, isn't it?? ;)  )  I could also pick some of the more frequently asked questions I have on file, and answer those.

I've actually thought about doing "Scrapbookers' Mutual Admiration Society" type interviews -- where I ask some scrapbooking professional a question, then they ask me a question, and we go back and forth and interview each other -- but I didn't want to imply or assume that someone else admires me!  ;)  (But if anyone wants to take me up on such an interview, let me know!)

Going forward, I am planning on doing a show on journaling/writing tips & resources, in which I expect to get up on my soapbox a bit, because I am so passionate about documenting personal history.  Would that count as the "real Angie Pedersen"?  I'm not sure how else I would properly express the real me... suggestions welcome. 

I do struggle with that a bit, conveying my personality in the show -- I mean, I'm actually quite lively and funny in person, but it's kind of hard to display that when I'm talking into my computer, alone in my basement.  LOL  I'd love to show off a bit more of me, on the off chance that some listener would fall in love with me, and hire me to come out and speak or teach!  Because I do put on a pretty good show in classes! ;)

But, like Sharon said, I am still new in the podisphere, and expect to "come into my own" a bit more and more as I continue.  Most podcasts become more "real" as they go along; most experts say not to even bother listening to the first few episodes of a show because the hosts are still learning.  Thank goodness people have listened to my show regardless of that advice, because I'm still in the beginning!  LOL  Every comment I get will help me learn, plan, and define my focus.  I'll define more about what I want out of doing the show, and what I want to be able to offer. 

At this point, podcasting is still a hobby -- I considered how I could pitch it to do it professionally, then decided to give myself a break, and just do it FOR FUN.  (It's quite a concept, isn't it?  Anyone working professionally in this industry knows how rarely that happens.  Too many projects and deadlines to do something just for fun...)  It's so easy to become jaded to events and products and even people in the industry, having an insider view; a just-for-fun project is very significant for me.  (Of course, leave it to me to choose a time-intensive new hobby -- the time I spend in post-production for each show is much more than I ever spent on any layout.)

That about sums up my (rather lengthy) response to these comments.  I hope I didn't come off as reactionary or defensive -- although Sharon did say she wanted to know about what I think!  LOL  Guess she got that!

Your thoughts?

Wholly Scrap! #3 March 26, 2006

Wholly Scrap! The Scrapbooking Podcast:

Episode #3: Scrapbooking Podcast Pioneers & Interview with Laurie Terry from Pressed Petals

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Wholly Scrap! #2 February 17, 2006

Episode #2 Show Notes

Podcast Administrative Notes
Listener Mail 
Personal Notes from Angie: My articles in Scrapbook Answers & Memory Makers, and marketing consulting
Scrapbooking Industry News: Sarah Heidt & Colorbok
An interview with Sara Naumann from Hot Off the Press
My Scrapbooking Philosophy 

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Wholly Scrap! #1 January 29, 2006

Anyone up for a new scrapbooking podcast??  No promises for a weekly or even bi-weekly show, but I have several show topics up my sleeve, as well as interviews already recorded. 

Edited to Add: I have buttons posted on the homepage at One Scrappy Site, to make it reeeeeeal easy to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, Bloglines, PodcastPickle, PodcastAlley, My Yahoo!, and Feedburner.

Whollyscrapiconsm Wholly Scrap! #1 January 29, 2006

Introduction to ME
Scrapbooking Industry News via SB Industry News
Interview with Angie Warhurst of www.boxerscrapbooks.com

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