5 Fandom Friday: 5 Times I Totally Fangirled
Just listed - new geek gift ideas for the holidays!

More on Geek Girl Brunch plus geek ornaments!

In my last post, I introduced Geek Girl Brunch and the coasters I made for our local chapter launch swag bag. Today on Geek Crafts I talked a bit more about GGB and our next event, which has a "Let's Get Crafty" theme. Geeks + crafting? So.there.

Speaking of Geek Crafts, I recently updated my listing of posts I have contributed there - at 150+ posts, it's a geek-tastic extravaganza of crafty goodness!

Hop on over to Geek Crafts to see the quickie tutorial I shared for creating geek ornaments from comic books!

Comic book ornaments by Angie Pedersen


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