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Welcome to another round of "5 Fandom Friday," a writer's-block-busting initiative to build community among geeky female bloggers, spearheaded by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick.

"The basic idea of 5 Fandom Fridays is to write a weekly Friday blog post in the form of a top 5 list based on a predetermined topic. It'll give your readers a deeper insight into your fandoms and your blogging personality. It's a great way to avoid bloggers block and sleep well knowing that you have at least 4-5 planned posts for the month."

Today I'm reaching back into the 5 Fandom Friday archives for a previous topic that I missed the first time around: "Favorite Funko Pop Figures."

In case you aren't familiar, Funko Pop! Figures are collectible vinyl dolls of a wide variety of pop culture icons. Funko has just exploded on the fandom scene, vastly increasing their product line to include characters from TV shows  and movies past and present, as well as video games. In fact, according to their About page, Funko currently holds more than 150 licenses including, but not limited to; Lucas Films, Marvel, Hasbro, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, DC Comics, Sanrio, and Disney. They's sold over 10 million units in the last three years. 

I've received three as gifts, and display them in my cubicle at work: Wonder Woman, Buffy, and Captain Mal.

Funko figures

On my wishlist:

Do you collect these cute big-headed dolls? Which ones do you have, and which ones do you covet? Share with a comment below!


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