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REVIEW: Tolkien Geek Tank by Jordan Dene

Angie in Jordan Dene Tolkien quote tank

After posting my geeky clothing wishlist in my last post, I was thrilled to receive an offer to review a new line of geek-quote-inspired togs from fellow geek maker/designer Jordan Dene. She promptly shipped out one of her Tolkien quote unisex tanks for my unbiased review.

My husband and I joined a gym a couple of months ago, so I have been looking for some "subtly geeky" tank tops to wear while working out. I am pleased to report Jordan's Tolkien tank was up to the challenge. 

I wear about a size 12, and the Large size fit perfectly, and was plenty long to cover my booty in my bike shorts, with ample room to move on the elliptical and while doing weights. The cut also provided nice coverage - no shoulder slippage while getting my sweat on. The fabric is super soft, as is the ink used for the screen-print - no "crunchy" ink transfer here!

I also love the color - at first glance, it's kind of a nice deep mint green, but upon closer inspection, you'll see it's kind of a green heather, but with hints of blue, rather than gray.

Jordandene Tolkien tank

Kind of reminded me of mermaid scales, actually, which to me just upped the geek factor. Maybe that's why she chose the same shade for her mermaid shells tank!

I already loved this Tolkien quote - "Not all those who wander are lost" - but I liked "applying" this quote to my workouts. Not all those on an elliptical have no where to go, either!

Verdict: Two thumbs up! I would definitely consider adding more of her tanks to my workout wardrobe - like the "Courage, Dear Heart" and the "Star Stuff" ones, in particular.

Be sure to check out her website, as well as her various social channels:


BONUS: Jordan offered a 20% discount for my readers! Use code FANGIRL2014 at checkout!

Full disclosure: I knew Jordan previously, from her contribution of the "Make It So" pennant banner to my Star Trek Craft Book (p122). She offered a complimentary tank in return for my review. All opinions and fangirling my own.


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