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Thoughts on Warrior Dash Kansas City

Warrior Dash after photos Warrior Dash Kansas City after photo

My husband (above, left) and his good friend ran the Kansas City Warrior Dash today. What a grueling event! And I hear it was hard for the race participants, too! :)

Some thoughts from today's race, in case you're looking for Warrior Dash tips:

  • Parking is $10 cash. You can buy food there - BBQ sandwiches, giant turkey legs, water, lemonade, beer. Water/lemonade is $2 a bottle. 

  • Shuttles leave the parking area every few minutes, so you shouldn't have to wait long. The ride took 15-20 min.

  • Hopefully you have at least one person coming to root you on - they will be handy for holding your stuff while you're dashing. I kept my husband's phone, ID, race tee & his Viking helmet in my backpack.

  • If you have cheerleaders/stuff-watchers coming, suggest they bring lawn chairs. There is no seating available - I sat in the hot itchy grass for about 45 min.

  • Also bring an umbrella - there is NO shade. Waiting in that sun was brutal. WEAR SUNSCREEN.

  • If you don't have a stuff-watcher, you can check stuff at one of the tables, but word was the line was about a 45 min wait.

  • The race is 3 miles long. My brother ran it in 54 minutes, my husband in 1h:18min.

  • After the race, there is a giant water truck with a fire hose that sprays people off in a crowd. It rinses most of your top half, but people still had pretty muddy legs & feet. 

  • Some people wore two layers of shirts, so they could pull the top muddy layer off and have reasonably dry clothes ready to go.

  • Bring stuff to protect your car seats on the ride home - like plastic trash bags & old towels.

  • You might also want to bring some wet wipes to wipe down with. Leave them in the car so you can clean up for the drive home. 

  • You also might bring a spare pair of shoes - the shoes you run in will be toast. There's even a charity table at the end where you can donate your shoes.

Good luck, Warriors!



That was a great event! I love to be on mud, I haven't been in one, I so envy them.. By the way your husband looks cool with mud. Pretty much make a warrior. Thanks for the share, and I'll keep those tips for the future use.


We taped an episode of The Pennie Tour at The Warrior Dash in Georgia back in May.
Check it out to see what it's like and to hear what everyone had to say (everybody loved it!)...
or our website at http://www.pennietour.com

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