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Book Review: McKettrick's Heart

McKettrick's Heart (McKettricks, #8) McKettrick's Heart by Linda Lael Miller

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I liked this book about 40/60 - the least of all the McKettrick books I've read/listened to. The last book I listened to was McKettrick's Luck, with Jesse & Cheyenne. My complaint about that book was that their falling in love was too abrupt; there was no development of any sort of commonality or friendship, leading to no basis for a love relationship (imo). This book, the third in the series about the contemporary McKettrick cousins, was even more abrupt. Keegan and Molly argued constantly, he didn't trust her, and said some pretty ugly things about her and her character in general, then all of a sudden they were in love.

The problem with the story was that the characters were believable and relate-able, but some of their thoughts and actions - based on their characters - weren't. The 60% of the book I liked was the characters - the author has done a great job developing this family of characters - I've enjoyed following their stories throughout multiple books. But the 40% "vote" comes from the illogical storyline/plot devices. Several times in this book I thought, "That's dumb." Which doesn't make for an enjoyable read (or listen, in my case).

I don't regret reading the book - it wasn't awful - I just thought the build-up to "love" should have been included. It seems illogical for believable characters to fall in love in a couple of weeks after such a harsh meeting. I think at this point I'm probably done reading the contemporary McKettricks (I think there's only one left for me - Meg's story), but I may give the historicals another chance.

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Angie, thanks for the review. I love book reviews and the insight they offer. Presently I'm reading "The Last Time I Was Me" by Cathy Lamb. I like it, for it's light and entertaining. My job is so stressful and mind bending that I look for something that doesn't make me think so much. I also read Cathy's Julia's Chocolates prior to this. This story had some very funny parts.


Angie Pedersen

Stressful jobs and needing thoughtless escape is something I can relate to! Thanks for the comment, and the book suggestions - I'll have to check them out!

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