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6 Crafty Things to be Thankful For

New Series: Things to Be Thankful For

I recently read a post by GeekDad at on 10 Geeky Things to Be Thankful For. I thought I would 'blog-lift' the idea, and put together my own list(s), but on a variety of topics, with the goal of a post on a different topic each day this week, in honor of Thanksgiving on Thursday (here in the US, anyway). 

Here are the topics I've chosen:

  1. Sunday: Scrapbooking/Crafty Goodness
  2. Monday: Geeky
  3. Tuesday: Kansas City
  4. Wednesday: mom
  5. Thursday: Family
  6. Friday: blogs/social media
  7. Saturday: books
Anyone care to join the challenge of creating a different topical gratitude list post every day this week? An ambitious goal for a holiday week, to be sure, but just the thing to get those blogging juices going!


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