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Blogging for Scrapbookers: Scrapbook Someday

Prompt #12 of Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class suggests we create a new blog post category called something like "I will scrapbook this".  Because I like alliteration, I came up with (and created) a category for "Scrapbook Someday".  As in, "someday I will find/make the time to scrapbook, and when that day comes, I will scrapbook about this topic".

I had actually recently started a list for just this purpose - with real pen and paper, no less.  But I do like Shimelle's idea of blogging the list and/or individual topics, too.

Creating a list of layout topics really helps me be more productive at crops - not only is there less thinking involved at layout-creation time, but I can also track my way through an album-project, and make sure I don't leave anything out.  Plus I also like the satisfaction of crossing out or checking off (depending on my mood on any given day).

Shimelle's prompt actually encouraged using individual blog posts as a sort of 'placeholder' for the elements of an actual scrapbook page, when one doesn't have the time to actually scrap.  But I thought I'd use this post as a sort of 'brain dump' of pages and projects that are on my mind, and that I'd like to Scrapbook Someday.  As time goes along, I may create posts for individual projects (see my previous post, Cultural Education for Kids, for example), but the list idea is working for me today.

To Scrapbook Someday

  1. continue with pages in my son's Boy Scout/Eagle album:
    • Uniform Inspection 2002
    • Cub Scout Den 2003
    • Pinewood Derby 2003
    • Raingutter Regatta 2003
    • Pinewood Derby 2004
    • Troop picture 2005
    • Bartle 2005
    • Bartle 2006
    • Bartle 2007
    • Bartle 2008
    • Philmont 2008 (token layout, to mark its place in his scouting 'historical timeline')
    • Bartle 2009
    • Eagle Ceremony 2010 (fingers crossed!)
  2. Philmont 'speed-scrap' pocket page album
  3. Philmont digi photobook
  4. Vegas trip 2008 (or was it 2007?  obviously the memories are fading already!)
  5. Digi-scrapped Memory game for my niece
  6. Colorado vacation photobook
  7. school art project "portfolio" photobook
  8. "A Love So True" grandparents tribute album
  9. "Introducing the Classics"/Cultural Literacy album
  10. First Day of School album
  11. Charity crochet/knitting projects layout
  12. Star Trek movie premiere, opening night May 2009
  13. Mother-Daughter pedicures
  14. High School Debate layout(s) - I'd love for this to be a full album, showing the chronology like the Boy Scout album, but don't think that many pictures will find their way to me.
  15. "Fell" - pictures showing all the autumn leaves on the ground in our back yard

That should keep me busy for a while!  :)

Do you have any scrapbooking/memory-preservation goals or plans? Feel free to link to a similar list on your own blog in the comments!


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