6 Crafty Things to be Thankful For
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10 Geeky Things for which I am Thankful

During this week of (American) Thanksgiving, I proclaim my gratitude for the following Geeky things:

  1. Even while the wound is still fresh from the cancellation of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, there is still hope in the Jossverse.

  2. Star Trek XI is out on DVD.

  3. Chuck returns 1/1/10.

  4. When one is both geeky and crafty, one can make cunning hats like this one. (I've made two)

  5. There is a veritable bevy of tech-savvy women out there, some whose works I've been following for years.  I am thankful for the inspiration they provide daily.  Some of my geek-girl crushes include Kim Dushinski, Heidi Miller, The Blog Squad, Lynette Young, Jessica Sprague, Linda Sattgast, Lorelle VanFossen, Zena Weist, Connie Bensen, Gina Trapani, Renee Pearson, Amy Edwards, & Margie Lundy.

  6. Considering said bevy of geeky women, there are unique networking events just for them, like She's Geeky, Geek Girl Dinners, and BlogHer.

  7. Twitter

  8. Sites like Amazon, Jinx! and ThinkGeek make one-stop holiday shopping

  9. Blogging - a forum which allows me to write, even when no one pays me for it, or even particularly cares to read it.

  10. mp3 players (I love my Sansa Fuze, especially for audiobooks)

  11. font websites like DaFont.com and 1001Fonts.com.  I also enjoy the Creative Characters newsletter by MyFonts.com.

  12. ...and my most favorite geeky things of all - my husband, daughter, and son.  Between gaming, comics/manga/anime, sci-fi/fantasy, debate, band, and IT, they have pretty much every geek category covered.  Geeks to the core, every one of them, and I <3 them.



I think I'm going to blush! Angie, you have always been ahead of your time & I count YOU as one of my geek crushes! ;)

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