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Recipe: Grandma's Hot Cocoa Mix

Cafemocha I made a big batch of my grandmother's hot cocoa mix yesterday, so I thought I'd share the recipe here.  I really need to make a digital recipe card for it, since it's a family staple.

My husband adds it to his coffee every morning for his version of Cafe Mocha.  If we're out of cocoa mix, he doesn't have any coffee (or he goes to Starbucks - but I think he just goes there to flirt with the coffee girls).

I have fiddled around with different substitutions, like Splenda for part or all of the sugar, and sugar-free Quik instead of regular Quik, and the result is 'adequate', but my husband always goes back to the original recipe.

Grandma's Cocoa Mix

5-3/4c dry powdered milk
1c sugar
1c powdered creamer (I use fat-free)
2c powdered chocolate drink mix (like Quik)
2-3T baking cocoa powder

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, and store in tightly lidded container.  Makes about 10c mix, or about 40 servings.

Use 1/4c mix to 6-8oz hot water (or coffee) to make hot cocoa (Cafe Mocha).

photo credit: ikkoskinen



I've made this at Christmas time to give out as gifts! I'm thinking if this weather doesn't warm up soon, it may be time for another batch! LOL!

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