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Hooray for TypePad Pages!

Rock completely on!  Announced this past Wednesday: Go beyond blogging with TypePad Pages.

With the new TypePad Pages, you can use all the power of TypePad's posting tools to create as many individual web pages as you want. And those pages have all the power of TypePad's widgets and rich media features, automatically inheriting the look and feel you've chosen for your blog.

The TypePad interface you use every day to update your blog now lets you create a web page as easily as you’d write a post. (That means you don't have to learn any complicated new tools.) And you can even set a Page to be the home page for your blog, so it’s the first thing readers see when they go to your URL.

...This feature is available at all account levels, to all TypePad members.

This is EXCELLENT news for those of you who want to update your website more frequently but have to go through a "web guy" (or girl) to do it.  The "Pages" feature essentially allows you to create a multi-page website with the same tools you already know how to use from blog posting (also known as a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, or WYSIWYG, editor). 

You can create (and update) stand-alone pages for information that doesn't really change much -- your contact information (including business hours, where applicable), your bio, your portfolio/resume, an online press room, tutorial archive, and whatever else you can think of.  WordPress users have had this Page feature available to them for a while now (maybe always, I'm not sure), but now it's available to Typepad subscribers, which is so sweet.  Typepad is the hosting service I recommend to my blog marketing clients because it's so easy to use; it's a no-brainer.  (WordPress requires quite a bit more tech know-how and had a significant learning curve.  I should know - I've "broken" my own WP blog a couple of times!)

So if you're using a Typepad blog, be sure to check out the new Page feature.

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I love this new feature....thanks for getting me moving on it! Store owners could use it as an easy way to post about promos, classes and special events too.

Angie Pedersen

Yes, I was pleased to see several new Pages on your blog, Susan! Made me smile quite proudly for you. :) You're right - Pages are a good thing for so many uses!

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