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Digital Photo Collage: Awesome Birthday Present!

Dad60thbdpresent2006 Just had to show off a project I made recently -- a birthday gift for my dad. 

I used the FxFoto software by Triscape to create the photo collage.  The software offers 24 Collage Templates where you can just click the photo you want to use, and it will automatically resize and insert it into the collage.  Completely cool!  It took me about 15 minutes to put the collage together, and it looked so neat and clean when it was done. 

I printed it out onto acid-free cardstock, and trimmed to size.  I imported the background image into FxFoto, added the quote using the Text tool, then printed that out.

I mounted the background onto an 8x10 canvas, and Mod-Podge'd over it.  I mounted the photo collage on chipboard with spray adhesive, then attached it to the canvas, and Mod-Podge'd over that.

The whole thing went together pretty quickly, and looks awesome!  It's basically a collection of silly pictures of my kids (and one of me!), paired with a quote from my son: "With our genetics, you can't expect anything normal."  And you probably can't tell, but the background image is actually a strand of DNA -- that's been mutated.  That's my family -- full of mutant DNA!  LOL

My dad loved it, and took it to work to hang in his cube.

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Angie this is soooo cool! Really nice job and I love the DNA. You have a great sense of humor!

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