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Masexy_2 Fun Font Trivia: Some kudos for font designer Margarete Antonio -- For over two years, MA Sexy has "skunked" every other font as the #1 download font at One Scrappy Site, followed by its "sister", MA Flirty.  MA Sexy was added to the font download section in November 2003, and her "sisters" were added in December 2003.  Here's what I posted on December 1, 2003:

5 more exclusive "MA" fonts added today! Margarete Antonio shows great promise as an up and coming font designer, and you can get her fonts here at OneScrappySite!

Margarete's entire line of fonts continues to be among the most popular fonts, as seen by the number of downloads:

  • MA Sexy: 20,356 downloads
  • MA Flirty: 16,303 downloads
  • MA Fishy: 4028 downloads
  • MA Quaddie: 3898 downloads
  • MA Simple Pleasure: 3774 downloads
  • MA Brownie, Too: 2605 downloads
  • MA Kulot: 1654 downloads

As I remember, Margarete's work first appeared on a layout she uploaded to the Two Peas' layout gallery in 2003, where she used the MA Sexy font for her title.  She was quickly inundated with requests to share the font she'd created.  She sent the font to many people, but was swamped by the many individual requests, so I offered to post the font to One Scrappy Site, so people could just go to one central place to download it.  Well past two years later, MA Sexy is still incredibly popular.

At the outset, Margarete granted me exclusive right to post the font for download. I'm proud to have played that part in the font's history.  Margarate has since partnered with Fontwerks to turn MA Sexy into a rubber stamp.  She is also designing for Digital Designs Essentials.

See how far you can go when you work with One Scrappy Site?  Margarete's font appears on my site...boom!  She's gets a licensing deal.  Several of my Creative Teammates have gone on to design for manufacturers, their work appearing in magazines and in my books.  Stick with me, kid, and you'll go far.    Smile3


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