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Nielsen/NetRatings recently announced that only "11 percent of Weblog readers, blog site visitors who claim to read blogs regularly or occasionally, use RSS (Really Simple Syndication)...." (via Lockergnome and BlogHerald) (This fact alone blows me away -- I make ready use of RSS whenever I can, evidenced by my 104 feeds in Bloglines subscriptions!)

So, if people don't use RSS, often they just have to remember whose blogs they want to keep up with, or use a blogroll.  This technique is not always foolproof -- I know if I relied on my own memory, I'd miss out on most blogs I want to read!

If you don't use RSS in one form or another, one solution is to get updates via email for blogs you'd like to read.  There are several ways to do this.  Until this week, I used Bloglet to offer an email subscription to my blog.  But I found I had terrible problems getting my feed to stay "live" -- it was always turning the feed off, and the updates wouldn't go out.  A very ineffective solution, in my experience.  Then I heard about FeedBlitz on Denise Wakeman's blog.  So I went over, checked it out, signed up, and am already quite pleased.

Here's how it works:
You sign up for one or both of my blog updates via FeedBlitz (over in the left margin there).  I make a post on my blog, or maybe two, or three.  At the end of the day, you receive one email with links to each post I made that day.  So you are automatically reminded to come check out the goodness that is my blog.  Almost as good as a newsletter, really. 

I still love and will continue to use RSS, but email updates provide a service for those who don't use/understand RSS, or just plain prefer email reminders.

On a related note, I also added a FeedBlitz subscription for One Scrappy Site, right smack dab in the middle at the top of the home page.  The newsbyte content there is the same as The Blog of Me and SB Industry News, but all in one place.  The email notifier for posts at OSS might be good for you if you wanted to be reminded to visit OSS more often.

Other options...
Via Lifehacker: RSS on Email.

RMail and RSSFwd are two services that let you get feeds from Web sites on email. You can sign up by entering your email address and the Web site from which you would like to get updates.



I use Bloglines.

Angie Pedersen

Me too! I love having all my blog subscriptions in one place. Plus I have the Firefox extension that shows a little indicator in the lower right corner of my browser when my blog subscriptions have new posts.

Getting updates by email is a great alternative for people who don't "get" RSS, or how to subscribe to a feed, or just plain prefer to organize their information via their email program. I know a number of people who manage most of their lives via Outlook, which would make email updates quite handy.

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