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Blog Crushes

Blogcrush_1Darren Rouse has been talking about "Blog Crushes" over at ProBlogger:

...I’m suggesting we make the next 7 days about naming our Blog Crushes.

Do you have a crush on another blogger? I don’t mean an actual crush - rather is there a blog or blogger out there that you really admire? Maybe you’re too scared to let them know or are afraid that your admiration is unrequited?

  • you like the way they blog
  • you find yourself logging onto their blog every day (sometimes more) and staring at their design or drooling over their way with words
  • their RSS feed is at the top of your list
  • you leave more comments on their blog than you write posts on your own
  • you let them know about posts you’ve written in the hope that one day they’ll notice you
  • you dream about that elusive spot on their blog roll that you’d love to fill
  • every second post you do is about them or their blog

I wasn't really going to participate in this exercise -- I have 107 feeds on my Bloglines account, so it'd be hard to pick!  But then, I got crushed

Angie Pedersen, The Blog of ME
Angie’s quest to get us all to scrap about OURSELVES is near and dear to my heart. But what I love about her blogging is that she does it with gusto. She does it like a real pro, finding great stuff, linking well and making comments that enrich my day just reading her blog. This post about her scrapbooking purse made me want one. When she said, “Fortunately I have a date with my husband tonight, so I get to take out my new purse and show it off. (neener)” it made me want to know her.

Kim, I'm so touched!  You must have known today would be a good day to read such nice comments!  ;)

So I guess now I gotta pick some crushes.  Maybe my doing so will point out some blogs you haven't heard about, so it will be a resource.  I'll try to keep my comments short. 

Blogs I never fail to read:

Gina at Lifehacker -- "Don't live to geek; geek to live."  LOVE IT.  High-post blog with tons of great tips about everything under the sun.  Recent posts I've liked: Imagination Prompt Generator, 20 Ways to Say NO, and Make a Poster-sized Photo Collage.

Darren at ProBlogger -- anyone making Six Figures blogging deserves some crushing!  His 31 Days to Building a Better Blog is also crush-worthy.

Andy Wibbels -- blog "evangelist" who selflessly shares tons of blogging/marketing ideas.  And I think he looks a lot like Harry Connick Jr, so it's nice visiting his blog just to see his cutie face.  ;)  Good posts: How to Photoshop Yourself Pretty, Blog Carnivals, and 40 Questions about Blogging.

Joan Stewart -- "The Publicity Hound" -- I don't know if I would call her a blog "crush".  It's really more about her newsletter.  I've been getting it for probably over a year, and it's jam-packed with publicity content.  Great stuff.

Ken Leebow -- love the links he shares.

Heather/Dooce -- CRACK me up.  This is the woman, you might remember, who writes about poop.  Love her pictures of her dog, too.

For my completely "inappropriate" humor needs: Overheard in New York (frequent language warnings)
And slightly less "inappropriate", but still often stinkin' funny: Overheard in the Office

Mridu Khullar -- awesome freelance writing tips and resources.  Her "introduction letter" idea has already proved successful for me.

Wendi Speciale -- this woman is so real. I feel such calm, and hope, and blessings when I read her blog.  Plus, the added benefit of laughing my butt off at her "this could only happen to me" stories.  ( I mean, really -- where else can you read something like this: "Well, Terminix moms are freaking out, and this one here, yes, I, somehow manage to SPRAY MYSELF IN THE EYE with the BUG KILLER."   A Jeep and a grill are also involved.  I about peed my pants.)

Carrie Colbert -- she is just too cute, and I love the sparkling personality that comes through in her posts.  I loved the story of her engagement.

And of course my blogging friend Michelle at Scrapability.  She's who I turned to when I considered starting a blog, and she's who I turn to for honest reviews of products and scrap-community situations.  I love her insightful and introspective posts and, unless I'm reeeeally busy, I read every word.

I also read all of Kim's posts -- I really liked her post of Dr. DeClutter's ideas for dealing with kids' artwork and her list of must-remember's for back to school.

See?  This is why I wasn't going to start on this blog crush thing!  :)  Too many to choose from.  Maybe I should have broken it up into several posts?  Or maybe I'll make another post somewhere down the line, and describe/crush on other bloggers I didn't mention this time.




you are welcome!! you are really inspiring with all you do and think of to do, you offerring to help people with journaling consultation, fabulous idea!! I am inspired everytime I go to read your blog. Thanks


Jozef Imrich

Being a blogger is a bit like being a promiscuous alcoholic: if you say you are one, you are

What makes a blog crush ;-)

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