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MSN Spaces breaks 10 million blogs

Found this little tidbit today:
MSN Spaces breaks 10 million blogs

After prediciting Wenesday in the latest Blog Herald blog count that MSN Spaces now had 10 million blogs, the figure has been confirmed by Infoworld today which writes in “The Battle for the Blogosphere” that MSN Spaces now hosts over 10 million blogs, and that the adoption rate has blown past internal Microsoft expectations.

“MSN Spaces is the fastest growing service MSN has ever introduced,” said Brooke Richardson, lead product manager at MSN communication services, is quoted in the article.

SOURCE: The Blog Herald
See also: The Battle for the Blogosphere

It's mind boggling how much the blogging phenomenon has grown, just since the first of the year.  Yes, I realize that blogs have been around for years now, but the explosion is now.  It just blows me away.  I find it a bit scary, actually -- even as into I am, and how addicted to technology my family is, this "runaway freight train" growth isn't leaving me much time to wrap my brain around everything.  The media are talking about how blogs are changing the way people get and share their information, and pondering the fate of radio/TV/newspapers -- there are so many predictions and dire forecasts...and yet so many people still don't read blogs or even know what they are.  I pitched an article query about blogging to a magazine recently but it was rejected because, basically, the editor doesn't "get" blogs.  If people don't "get" blogs, how quickly can they really change the face of media?  At the same time, as media does evolve, I don't feel ready for it yet, even as I blog this entry.  I love blogging and reading blogs, but have this uncertain, uneasy feeling about all that's to come.  Perhaps just because, even though there are predictions, it's still Unknown.  Ooooh, and I don't really dig Unknown.  I'm much better with plans and comfort zones and expectations.

Does anyone else get the same uneasy feeling, even as we embrace this new technology?


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