Scraps Ahoy Stop Update

Today's Virtual Book Tour stop ScrapsAhoy!  I'm so excited, because I just love working with Jen (CaptainNewt) and Annie (AnnieW).  They are both such sweeties, and both so inspirational to me.  I could just drool over their layouts all day, and be quite happy about it.  They are both featured in Book of US, so this stop is a nice fit!  ;)

We had a slight change in plans -- I was scheduled to do a chat there tonight, but found out on Tuesday that my son has a choir concert tonight!  Hello??  Thanks for telling me!!  So, I'll be running the camera tonight instead of my mouth.  ;)  After a short chat with Jen this morning, we revised my VBT stop to include issuing the Book of US Challenge on the message board today, with a posting deadline in two weeks on Thursday, May 12th.  We'll do the chat then, and I'll announce the winner of the prize.  Jen also set up an Ask Angie thread so people can post questions ahead of time for me to answer in the chat.  Very cool!

Tomorrow's tour stop is LifetimeMoments, where I'll be doing a chat on the message board at 8pm Central.  I'll issue another layout challenge then. 

Boy, if someone followed me throughout this tour, they would have about a BAJILLION layout ideas for a Book of US!  Very cool!  I love to hear what people do with all these ideas spewing out of my head, so please do let me know!

SSReflections Chat Recap & VBT Update

Had a leisurely, intimate chat with the crew at SSReflections last night, in their YahooGroups chatroom.  The software gave several people fits, including their illustrious captain, but eventually we all made it in (I think).  As we were waiting for several people to find there way in, the atmosphere was mostly chatty, not many real "interview-y" questions asked, which is fine by me.  I like people to get a sense of personality in chats, of my sense of humor and quick responses -- as much of a "tireless promoter" as I am, it's still hard for me to plug ceaselessly.  I feel like people have seen my "what inspired you to write this" answers so often...but I guess they haven't if they keep asking the question!  ;)  Some of the different questions asked last night:

How is Book of US different from Book of ME?
At the risk of sounding basic, The Book of US focuses on relationships between more than one person, their interactions with each other; The Book of ME is about scrapbooking about just yourself, and your influences and reactions to the world.  The books both follow the same format: introduction to the chapter's topic, journaling prompts, lists of photos and memorabilia to include, quotes, and internet resources.  The Book of US encourages scrapbookers to explore and save what is unique and special about their most meaningful relationships. It's not just about romantic relationships -- think about friendships, family, groups, work teams and communities, too.  It gives tips on including those special nuances of relationships that make relationships tick, such as their history, special jokes or language, celebrations, gifts or family ties.

Where can I find the book?
You should be able to find all three books at the library.  You can also find them at Amazon, B&N, Borders, Michael's, and local scrapbooking stores.  You can get signed copies from One Scrappy Store (my website -- a lot of people don't know that I "am" One Scrappy Site.)

Do you journal on the computer a lot?
Being the font fiend that I am, you might be surprised that I most often handwrite my journaling.  This is for two reasons.  First, it's important to include your handwriting in your albums, because it's a part of who you are, and will help people remember that aspect of you.  Plus, the people who love you don't view your handwriting as critically as you do.  Second, it's takes forethought and planning to include computer journaling on a layout -- time to compose and print it out before heading out to a crop, time I don't often take.  Not to mention all the time it takes just for me to choose a font!  It takes me longer to choose a font than to choose the paper and embellishments!  ;)

Today's stop is  Rebecca has posted an interview she did with me, and a layout challenge with me.  (Check out the free wordart at that second link!)  Rebecca is actually hosting a contest based on the challenge -- she posted about it in the Forums (you may have to sign in before being able to read the post).

Tomorrow's stop is ScrapsAhoy, where I'm doing at chat at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern.  I'll be giving a layout challenge (for prizes!), and a digital freebie.  Please join me!

Jungle Chat Recap & VBT update

Another lovely chat last night, this time at ScrapbookJungle.  I've chatted with these ladies before, and had just as much fun this time.  They're all so friendly and fun.  And they ask great questions!  Some questions posed were:
How do you choose the layouts to go in your books?
What percentage of layouts submitted make it into your books?
What's your next project going to be?
How do your kids feel about their "world famous" mom?

You can find a PDF transcript of the chat here.
Thanks Jungle-Bunnies for a great time!

I posted the layout challenge at Scrap Outside The Box earlier today, to give people time to work on something before my tour stop there on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Tonight I "sail off" on a chat at 8pm Central with the crew at SSReflections.  You must be a member of their ezine group at YahooGroups to attend, because the chat will take place in the YG chatroom.  From their promotional newsletter:

Now is your chance to ask Angie all about what motivates her, where she comes up with the ideas for her awesome series of books and all about her BRAND NEW book "The Book of US". So, plan to be a part of this brand new feature to the members of the Ezine Group

Tomorrow I'll post the links to the tour content that's available at

VBT: Scrapbook Jungle

Welcome to Day 2 on my Virtual Book Tour (VBT)!  Today I'm stopping at, and visiting with the ladies there.  They've already started a thread in the forums for a little Q&A with me -- I love the subject line Emily gave it: The "Thread of Me".  Too funny!

I'm doing a chat there tonight at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern -- I was there in March for a chat, and had a blast!  You'll have to stop by!

I've been continually updating the VBT webpage with links to all the fun stuff, such as book reviews, challenges, and chat highlights.  It's a great way to keep up on all the events if you can't make them in person.  I just updated the links to include the FUN Angie Pedersen trivia game that Rachel (rh_scrapbooker) did at ScrapbookJungle earlier this month -- it was kind of surreal to read about myself that way, but it was really fun.  Be sure to check it out!

I also just posted a layout challenge in the special VBT thread at UKScrappers.  Mary Anne and I decided to post it early so people could have a little longer to work on it -- the deadline for posting a layout in the Gallery is 9:30pm GMT Sunday, May 1st.  I like giving a bit more time for the challenge -- my challenge was a bit overwhelming for some people yesterday at Scrapbook-Bytes, because they had only 4 hours to work on something to be eligible for the prize.  I need to keep that in mind for future stops (and tours!)  Of course, the challenge is still posted, so people can still use it as inspiration, they just can't compete for the prize.

So that's where the tour stands!  Today I'll be popping in and out of the Jungle, answering questions posted to The Thread of Me.  I also need to work on interview questions from Hot Off the Press -- they're featuring The Book of Us in our book review section of for the month of May.  Cool, huh?

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SBB Chat Recap

Whoa, what a whirlwind!  The chat/crop lasted about an hour and a half, and FLEW by.  I've been in similarly paced chats before, but it never fails to kind of frazzle me.  I always worry that I've missed someone's question.  Plus this time I posted a challenge and some freebie links, and people kept asking for them.  But my total digi-angel was Amy -- she totally had my back!  She kept posting the links and the challenge in the chat, as well as the link to my online store to buy copies of the book.  She really kept the whole thing rolling, AND kept me aware of unanswered questions by IM.  I would have been completely buried without her!

Then to top it off, she pulled "words of wisdom" out of the chat, and posted them in their own threads in the SBB Forums, so people could reference them after the chat.  It's also really nice for me, because now I can go back in and add in comments, now that I have a little breathing room to think!  LOL  Check out the chat highlights (AND book reviews) here: Ask Angie Pedersen.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the gang at Scrapbook-Bytes for such a lovely start to my tour.  Everyone was so jazzed at the chat, and are already producing fabulous results to the challenge.  I bow to your greatness, ladies!

VBT Starts Today!

My Virtual Book Tour starts today!  I'm so nervous!  I started officially planning this tour on March 8th, announced it on April 4th, now it's here!  So many details and preparation have gone into this.  I love the challenges I've put together for the chats, and hope that site visitors will be just as jazzed about completing the layouts.  I decided to award prizes for the challenges by random drawing -- everyone who puts something together for the challenges will be entered into a random drawing for prizes from the tour sponsors.  I chose to do a random drawing so everyone could feel comfortable entering, since there’s no judging involved.  Plus, I hate judging!  It’s so hard to pick a winner! ;)

The tour starts today at Scrapbook-Bytes.  Amy and Kristie have been so supportive with their promotion and enthusiasm for this event; they've been just super to work with.  I'm doing a crop/chat at SBB at 3pm Central/4pm Eastern, where I'll post a challenge and links to a fun digital freebie mini-kit designed by one of my Creative Teammates, KristyAnn Nerness.  I'll give people about four hours to work up something to post in the SBB Galleries, then I'll announce the winner of the random drawing at 7pm Central.  The winner will receive a set of KristyAnn's Quick Pages (sometimes called Ploppers) and a copy of my new book, The Book of US.  Please join me for the tour launch chat in the SBB Chat Room.

Amy has also started a forum for Q&A with me, as well as special galleries for layouts inspired by my books.  Several members of her Design Team reviewed my books, and those reviews will be posted sometime today.

I was just IM'ing with Amy, and she told me that Laurie, the host of their "Weekly Morning Show" said she loved reviewing the books so much she based her Wednesday chat on my books, THEN she had to host another "book of us" inspired chat on Friday because they LOVED IT SOOO much on Wed. morning, they were begging for another.  Rock on!  I just love it when my ideas find a home (and when they find a host who can take them and RUN, as it sounds like Laurie did!)  I wish I could see a log of
those chats!

Speaking of someone who has run with my ideas -- have you SEEN this CD "album" that Kari did??  Totally blew me away when I saw it this morning!  I NEVER would have thought of doing mini-layouts on CDs (though I have done altered CDs before), then hanging them on the fridge door with MAGNETS!  Totally innovative!  How fun would that be for a class??  You got the wheels turning here, Kari!

Between excitement and nervousness, I'm about to throw up, but don't let that stop you from coming to the chat!  LOL  See you then!

Virtual Book Tour update

We're in the home stretch for my Virtual Book Tour -- I can't believe it starts on Sunday!  It all starts at Scrapbook-Bytes -- see their informational post here

Some of the details I've been working on:

Scrapbook-Bytes is going to have a Q&A area in the forum on the 24th where I'll stop in and answer questions etc.

SSReflections is going to host a chat on their YahooGroup on April 26th.

UKScrappers is going to have an Ask Angie? Thread running so visitors can post any questions. (May 1st) 

KiwiScraps is offering a free kit to go along with my Layout Challenge: a custom cut envelope, three sheets of Cream cardstock, 20cm of twill, and a packet of Sarah Heidt acrylic mosaic tiles. (May 6th US time, May 7th NZ time)  They are also coordinating a nationwide event that is really impressive.  I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

We're going to host a Scavenger Hunt at One Scrappy Site on May 7th (National Scrapbook Day), which will entail visiting several sites from the tour.

KristyAnn Nerness and Shea Parker are both finishing up digital kits that will be a part of some of my challenges, as well as prizes for the digital tour stops -- these kits are so awesome!  I love that I get to include a digital component in my tour!  Both these ladies contributed to Book of US, so it's quite appropriate that they design the kits.

I just finished up answering questions for interview articles at and ScrapOutsidetheBox -- GREAT questions from Rebecca and Cristina!  They really made me think!

This tour is turning out to be really ambitious -- I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, since no one I know has done one before.  All the details are a bit mind-numbing to keep track of, but I've really enjoyed working with all the site owners and talented designers.  I'm really excited about the chats and challenges, and talking with all the members of the sites I'm visiting.  That's always my favorite part of teaching classes, talking to people and hearing their ideas.  I can't wait to see what this tour will produce!

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My Virtual Book Tour!

Scrapbooking's First Virtual Book Tour by Best-selling Author (yours truly!) to Kick Off April 24th!

I am very proud to announce I will embark on a 15-website tour on Sunday, April 24th, promoting my third book, The Book of US: A Guide to Scrapbooking about Relationships (EFG, Inc, 2005). Tour events include online chats, scrapbooking layout challenges, book reviews, and prizes.

During a Virtual Book Tour, an author visits specific lineup of websites or weblogs, similar to a real-life book tour, where stops are made at brick-and-mortar bookstores. Each day, the author visits a different website, from the comfort of her living room. At each "stop", the author may be interviewed, make "blog" entries, answer questions from site visitors, submit their book for review, or any combination of the above. What sets a virtual tour apart from real-life tours is that once the content is posted on a website, it's archived “24/7” for later access, allowing those who couldn't visit on the appointed day to view the material at their leisure.

Each day I'll go to a different website, and do layout challenges & contests, chats, and Q&A sessions. I'll also offer free digital freebies at select sites.

Memory Makers Magazine, Dow, Go West Studios, Krylon, Fancy Pants Designs, Karen Foster Designs, The Paper Loft, SEI, Imagination Project, and EFG, INC are sponsoring prizes for the tour.


Sunday, April 24th: (New York)
Monday, April 25th: (Maryland)
Tuesday, April 26th: (Wisconsin)
Wednesday, April 27th: (Michigan)
Thursday, April 28th: (Florida)
Friday, April 29: (Michigan)
Saturday, April 30: Scrapability/ScrapRants blog (United Kingdom)
Sunday, May 1st: UKScrappers (United Kingdom)
Monday, May 2nd: (Mississippi)
Tuesday, May 3rd: (Missouri)
Wednesday, May 4th: (North Carolina)
Thursday, May 5th: (Ohio)
Friday, May 6th: KiwiScraps.Co.NZ (New Zealand)
Saturday, May 7th: (Missouri)
Sunday, May 8th: (Texas)

I first learned about Virtual Book Tours on author MJ Rose's weblog in February, and began researching the process. I found Kevin Smokler's Virtual Book Tour website, but learned that his tours focus on literary fiction and narrative non-fiction. My books are a completely different genre, specifically scrapbook journaling, so I decided to coordinate my own tour, using my contacts at various scrapbooking websites.

The websites I contacted were thrilled with the idea!  Of my initial 14 pitches, six positive responses arrived in under an hour.  I was totally blown away!  The participating sites are based in 10 different states, plus one site and one blog in the UK, and one site in New Zealand. The response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic -- everyone is really excited.

Click here to read more about The Book of US!

So. What do you think??