Order Christmas Gifts Online: CafePress Shipping Deadlines

Just a heads up...

Remember a while back when I posted about the Book of Me Gear available through CafePress.com?

I just checked their website, and they have the following ordering/shipping deadlines posted:

Order by [Monday] Dec. 18; Request 2 Day Shipping
Order by [Tuesday] Dec. 19: Request 1 Day Shipping

Orders placed with Standard Shipping will not arrive by Christmas; they will ship in 2-3 weeks.

Like I said, just a heads up.  These shipping deadlines apply to anything ordered through Cafepress.com.

If you're looking for the Book of Me Gear, here's the link: Angie Pedersen's Book of Me Gear at CafePress.com

Happy last-minute shopping!  :)

Unique Holiday Gifts: Book of Me Gear

Waaaaaay back in The Day (like 2000), I opened a store at CafePress.com with some very basic designs, like "Scrap Diva" and "Font Diva".  Then when Book of Me came out, I added a design for that.  I decided it was time for some new designs, so I just updated my shop: Angie Pedersen's Book of Me Gear at CafePress.com

I just love the sassy cheekiness of the designs!

Scrapyou_front_1    Goscraplongsleeve_1    Clock_1


Something to keep in mind for Holiday Gift-giving!  ;)

Visit the Book of Me Gear shop to see all the unique items available.

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One Scrappy Holiday Promotion -- Free Shipping on Book of Me!

A heads up -- I just posted an impromptu promotion to help you get a jumpstart on holiday shopping: Free domestic shipping on The Book of Me series of Scrapbooking Idea Books.

A couple of notes: the free shipping applies only to orders shipped within the U.S., and only to orders of single copies of the book(s).  The Combo deals do not qualify for free shipping (because that's basically what you get with the combo order discount).

Learn more about:

Any/All of these books make great gifts -- you're essentially telling the recipient that you believe their stories are worth telling!  Win-win!  You get to read the stories, and they get the self-confidence boost!  :)

And the gift-giving clincher -- I sign each book ordered from Shop, and I'm happy to personalize the signature directly to the recipient.  Just tell me the person's name in the comments section of the shopping cart (or email me directly at angie/a/t/onescrappysite.com).  Happy to help!

P.S. I've also "aided and abetted" a number of Secret Santas/Sisters with book orders -- the return address is mine, not yours!  ;)

Scrapbooking on Howard Stern

Before I left for MemoryTrends, I got an order for The Book of Us.  The buyer included an interesting P.S. in his email:

p.s. You have been getting great pub. on the Howard Stern show.

Wha-Wha-What?? (a la Mrs. Broflovski, from South Park)  I hadn't heard anything about that, so I emailed him back:

Howard Stern has been talking about scrapbooking??  Or more significantly, me specifically?  What was the show date, and what did he say?

The response:

The show dates were a couple of weeks ago. Actually, Artie Lange, Howard's in studio comedian was the subject of/on the book of us. Artie's now ex-girlfriend, Dana, had started a "Book of Us" several months ago. The subject came up several times with George Tekai form Star Trek fame, while he was in studio. Great stuff!

So I Googled "Howard Stern Book of Us".  This is the first hit -- a "layout" of Artie and George Takei.  A little further searching brought me this list of results of pages of individual show notes.  They did indeed mention creating a "Book of Us" several times in June and August this year.  I didn't see that they mentioned my Book of Us, or me, specifically, but I guess if it brought this order in, it's a good thing.

How wild, hey?  Did anyone hear/see these episodes where HS and the gang were discussing a Book of Us?  Surely if HS did actually mention either my book or me, I would have heard more about it, right?

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Scrapbooking Classes: Book of Me teaching resources

I recently received an awesome email about my class kit CDs, in particular the one for my 2nd book, Growing Up ME.

I ordered your cds last July and we had our first "Growing Up Me" class today. This is a one hour home school co-op. I have 6 girls in the class ranging in age from 8 years old to 15 years old.

It was wonderful! We only got one page done - our title page. I had materials available to do 2 more pages so those will just be on the back burner for days when they work very quickly.

The younger girls were actually more comfortable taking chances and exploring the materials available to them than the older girls. They all enjoyed the class tremendously.

Thanks for such an easy, workable plan.

That's so awesome!  I LOVE getting reports in "from the field"!

Cdcombo Teaching Book of Me classes (whether for Book of Me, Growing Up ME, or Book of US) is so much easier with the talking points, class project, and homework all laid out for you.  My class kit CDs do just that.  If you teach Book of Me classes, these resources guide you along, whether you teach just one class or a series of workshops.

Of course, you know I'm also all about free resources too -- I've posted some free class resources for those of you who teach classes.

These sample class resources come straight from the class resource CDs, so you can get an idea of what you'll find on the CDs.

Good luck and have fun with your classes!

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Scrapbooking Gurus and Industry Leaders

Didja happen to see this post on my Industry News blog?  Scrapbooking Gurus Flock to MemoryTrends 2006

I received that press release via email yesterday, from a PR person for MemoryTrends, with the heads up that my name was mentioned in it.  Nice little surprise!  My name is one of only nine mentioned specifically, and I got "top billing" over Heidi Swapp!  How often does that happen??  (Uh, like NEVER!)

Yes, nice to be recognized as a "scrapbooking guru" and "industry leader".  AND I found out the other day that my "Being Me" class for Go West Studios is sold out!  Sweet!

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Recap: Scrapbooking (and Angie) on TV

My "fabulous" TV interview for Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker's Soul went well -- all two minutes of it!

Two of the three Kansas City based essay contributors were there -- me and a woman named Donna Rogers. The TV anchor, Loren Halifax, asked us two questions, and that was IT.   She asked what each of our essays were about, and why did we think scrapbooking is so appealing to so many.  When I answered the first question, I said my essay was really about "being famous", since it was about my keynote speech at the Close to My Heart convention.  Loren asked me what I'm famous for, and I said I've written three books about scrapbooking, then went on to set up the topic of my Chicken Soup essay.  Did I ONCE mention the name of ANY of the scrapbook journaling idea books I've written??  NO!  I'm still kicking myself (and my husband is still laughing about it!)

We recorded my two minutes of glory on our cable DVR, and I'm trying to figure out how to get the video onto my laptop as a digital video file (maybe via Video Out?  Any ideas out there?).  I can also call the TV station's footage archive company and get a copy for like $10, but I'm guessing that will be VHS (??), so I would still need to figure out how to convert that to digital/mpeg to post on my blog. 

So, I'm still working on details on how to get it posted, but don't feel like you missed anything HUGE -- it was over almost faster than I could blink!  LOL

Scrapbooking (and Angie) on TV

Well, I won't actually be scrapbooking on TV, but I will be talking about it.

I don't think I've mentioned...I'm going to be on FOX4 Midday News tomorrow (Thursday) -- they said about 12:45pm.  If you live in the Kansas City area, try to check it out!

There are 3 contributors to Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker's Soul from the Kansas City area, and the FOX4 people are going to interview all of us together.  About what, I'm not exactly sure, but I'll take the free publicity!  :)

I already have our DVR set to record the show.

Still time to Get Started Quickly with Scrapbook Journaling!

My next Writers Online Workshop, "Getting Started (Quickly) in Scrapbook Journaling" starts tomorrow, and I just found out there's still time to register.  Through midnight (Eastern) tonight you can sign up online at WritersOnlineWorkshops.com, or through Friday at 5:00 by calling 1-800-759-0963.

The class is based on One Minute Journaling, by Joanna Campbell Slan, who also wrote that article I posted a couple of days ago, "Journal the Hurts, Scrapbook the Highs".  Quality stuff.

ANNNNNND, if you use coupon code AP2006, you get 15% off registration.  Sweet.

Scrapbooking Interview

Talk about a small world...  Back in September 2005, I made a post to my blog on How to Get an Interview.  In that post, I mentioned an article written by Janene Mascarella.  In her article, she mentioned she had gotten an interview with a NASA expert just by asking for it.  I commented that was a good way to get an interview with me (because I'm so famous, ya see...)

So earlier this month, who do I get an email from?  Janene.  She'd found my reference to her article, and said she'd like to interview me!  <blush>  (Sure, I'm happy to do interviews, but I didn't mean for JANENE to come calling!  LOL)

Anyway, we emailed back and forth, and she just posted the interview at Long Island Exchange, where she writes a parenting column: So You Think You Can...Scrap?

Just goes to show...you never know who is reading your blog!  (be careful about what you post!)