Sharing Link: Everyday Super Hero layout

Sharing a layout I found via a recent newsletter: Everyday by Sno Fairy.

I love a number of things about this layout -

  • LOVE the journaling on 'wonky' strips of *patterned paper* (hello! I don't know if I've ever journaled on *patterned paper*!).
  • LOVE the perception she has of herself - she's a SUPER HERO because she's a MOM.  That's just...well, super.  She specifically outlines all the tasks she accomplishes on a daily basis - when you add all those tasks - it does sound rather heroic to get it all done!
  • Love the funky flower embellishments - oooh, and the felt.  Love that layered felt flower.
  • Love the funky 'wonky' collage background layered behind the photo.
  • Love the simple photo of her coffee mug - a very 'everyday' image, but something that will remind her kids of her.

Just had to share.

The Book of Me - as seen on BlogHer!

Nice to see The Book of Me mentioned on the BlogHer crafting blog: Scrapping Our Own Life Stories.  Craft blogger Debra Roby spotted Shimelle Laine's "time warp" blog series, offering a review of her years in scrapbooking, and linked to Shimelle's posts.  In her review of 2001-2002, Shimelle mentioned contributing to The Book of Me, so Debra linked to the book too.  Very nice. :)

46 Things about Me

My college roommate recently sent me one of those emails that asks you to complete random questions about yourself.  Since it was interesting reading her answers, I went ahead and completed the questionnaire and sent it back to her.  Since it was already typed up, I thought I would share my answers here too.  Feel free to answer these questions on your own blog, and post a link in the comments.  Also feel free to use the questions and responses to create a Book of Me layout - type, print, slap on cardstock, and call it done!  :)

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Not by itself, particularly, but it can be good mixed with other cheeses, like in a cheese dip.

2. Have you ever smoked heroin?
I've never smoked anything, unless you count ribs or a ham.

3. Do you own a gun?
Yep - glue and staple, and they're both loaded.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic?
I don't go to Sonic often, but when I do, it's Vanilla coke for me.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor Appointments?
Depends on the kind of doctor, I guess, but generally, no.

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
Louis Rich bun-length turkey dogs are the only way to go.  Everything else is too greasy.

7. Favorite Christmas movie?
A Muppet Christmas Carol

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
"doctored-up" coffee - plenty sweet and milky, with sugar-free vanilla flavor

9. Can you do push ups?
About 3-5 - my arms shake a whole lot, and there's quite a bit of grunting and heavy breathing.  It's very impressive.

10. Age?
About 10 years older than I feel/think (but actually 36, till August)

11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
My wedding band

12. Favorite hobby?
Scrapbooking, for the most part, but also knitting & blogging

13. Favorite Actor?
typically dark-haired and intellectual/geeky - David Duchovny, Patrick Dempsey, Colm Meaney

14. Do you have A.D.D.?
No, but I'm easily sidetracked.

15. What's one trait you hate about yourself?
I'll have to copy my roommate's answer - "No self control when it comes to sweets"

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Scrapbooking End-of-the-School-Year Memories

The Legacy Project has posted a downloadable worksheet to help capture the past school year - anyone see scrapbooking potential here??  Star Highlights -

Use the Top 10 sheet to make a list of the top 10 moments or memories of the past school year -- a test you did really well on, something you enjoyed learning about or thought was interesting, a new friend you made, a class trip, a personal achievement like making the basketball team. These moments twinkle like little stars and are the highlights of your school year.

Be sure to check out the other resources available in the Legacy Project's Activity Center.  There are activities centered around Memories & Traditions, Crafts & Keepsakes, and Scrapbooking & Other Photo Fun, as well as other themes.  One that is particularly Book of Me-friendly is Genetic Ingredients.  I created a scrapbook layout version of that for Growing Up Me, but ended up not using it.  I should dig it up and post it.

Book of Me ideas: The Design Experiment

I recently stumbled across The Design Experiment., a blog that offers challenges that would work very nicely to inspire Book of Me pages.

We are The Design Experiment! We are a challenge site with creative journaling prompts, that are meant to provoke thought, and delve deep inside you. We are committed to bringing you real and raw challenges.

We are a group of fun girls who love to create art and get messy.

Some recent challenges:

  • We challenge you to remember a time when you had super-human strength, either physically or emotionally. Think back to this time, how did you feel? How do you feel know? How has this changed you?

  • If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self? What would you want to know to get you through the years?

Take a moment to check out the blog - the layouts are just as inspiring as the prompts!

April = Book of Me Month at Fiskarscraft Blog

April is Book of Me Month on the Australian/New Zealand Fiskars Ambassadors blog.

We're going to be putting up prompts each day (maybe even more than once a day, so keep on your toes!), to help you along. We're even going to be designing pages and projects to go along with these prompts so you can get visually inspired too.

And they've been good to their word - they've posted 2-3 Book of Me prompts every day in April so far!  Some prompts that they've offered:

  • What school/s did you go to? What do you remember about them? Why did you go there? Would you change anything about your time there?
  • Do you remember having a best friend when you were little? One that was the next door neighbour maybe? Or what about your first school friend?
  • What games did you play as a child?
  • What did you and your siblings fight about?'
  • What was happening in the world the year you were born?

For easy reference, you can check out all posts tagged in the Book of Me category.

Book of Me chat at Scrap-a-Latte

I just finished up a Book of Me message board chat at Scrap-a-Latte.  Here are the questions we covered:

Thanks for having me, Carla, and thanks for the great questions and discussion, SAL girls! :)

So here's your chance - any burning Book of Me questions that haven't been answered?  Ask in the Comments below, and I'd be happy to offer suggestions/tips/comments.

Book of Me Idea: Don't Hold Back Your Truth

Spotted recently in e-newsletter The Lifewriter's Digest, an article titled Holding Back Your Truth.

"I believe one has to stop holding back for fear of alienating some imaginary reader or real relative or friend and come out with personal truth. If we are to understand the human condition and if we are to accept ourselves in all the complexity, self-doubt.... we have to know all we can about each other and we have to be willing to go naked." --May Sarton

Lifewriting pioneer Denis Ledoux goes on to discuss why and, more importantly, how to be "naked" when writing about your life.

If one of the main values of memoir for the reader (in addition to entertainment) is its mentoring ability, then the memoir that does not tell the truth is vapid. I think people are fascinated by the memoir because it gives them a glimpse into the human condition. If that glimpse is fuzzy or distorted, then of what value is the posturing that is trying to pass itself off as truth?

Here I am not suggesting that you tell cruel things about other people. I am not suggesting you tell things that were told you in secret, nor things that will get you in legal trouble if you shared it.

I am talking about the deeper truth that gives meaning and depth to a story, to the truth that will pop our story open.

He also offers four journaling prompts to help you determine what stories you may be holding back.  Scroll down to the bottom to find the journaling prompts.

Go ahead...Scrap YOUR story.

"Month of Stories" Tag Book - a la CZ

Seen recently on Cathy Zielske's (aka "CZ") blog: Can you tell little short stories, on and off, for one continuous month of your life?.

Presenting the "Month of Super Short Stories" Tag Book...

...So here’s the thingie I’m making (with an emphasis on making as it’s not even remotely done). I’m getting everything prepped to do a tag book that will span one month’s time and be a cute little holding pen for random everyday story snippets and photos. I will begin collecting said data on March 1.

...And what are you going to record? Whatever the heck you want to, but the challenge is this: just pick one thing from the day you're recording, and write down a little tiny story about it. The tags I designed for this mini-book only give you so much room to write, so the exercise is all about choosing your words carefully, and realizing you don’t need to write a thesis to adequately capture a moment/story/bit & piece of your daily life.

Maybe you will write about your wild success with laundry on a Tuesday. Or the way you had a massive, institutionalization-worthy meltdown on Saturday. Whatever goes, goes. Just find a way to write a mini-record of one thing from one chosen day.

Cool idea, CZ.