A Very Doctor Who Birthday
Rawr! Yub Nub! Two new hats on Etsy!

Female Geek Bloggers, Geek Crafting, and Zoodles!

I've been enjoyed several things recently: the Female Geek Bloggers Google+ Community, geek-crafting, and my new spiralizer.


If you aren't familiar with Google+, their Communities are similar to Facebook Groups, or website forums. They feature threaded conversations which allow comments and "+1s" (similar to FB Likes). Female Geek Bloggers provides a central hub for women to gather to discuss geeky things, such as Doctor Who, cosplay, comics, movies, anime, gaming (both video and board), and even “geek therapy.”

I really enjoy the breadth of discussions, and have been exposed to topics and people I wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled upon. I also love the sense of community there – all of us interested in geeky things, supporting blogging and sometimes marketing efforts of other geeky females. Quite a few of the members are also crafters, so I also get to see plenty of interesting geek-crafts.


Speaking of geek-crafts, my fingers have been flying recently on several fun projects, mostly for my Etsy store. Over the past several weeks, I completed a child-size and adult-size Ewok "scoodie" (scarf+hood), and four baby Groots. I'm also working on perfecting my process for making geek coasters. I already sold three of the Groots, including one to Belgium, and one to the United Kingdom! Global geek love! I still need to get pictures of the Ewok scoodies in action, then get them up in my shop. Until then, here's a quickie of me modeling the child size for fun.

Finally, several months ago, I attended a cooking demo by Johnna Perry and was introduced to the "spiralizer," or spiral vegetable slicer. The class included dishes such as JapChae with sweet potato noodles and Lemon Almond Pesto over zucchini noodles. I love vegetables, and enjoyed each of the dishes, so I asked for a spiralizer for my birthday this year. Thanks to my brother, I have enjoyed "zoodles" (zuchinni noodles) three times this past week! Here's how I cook them:

Sauteed Zoodles (Zuchinni Noodles)

Spiral-slice zuchinni and carrot. Heat oil in large frying pan over medium heat. Add vegetables and garlic. Season as desired. Stir around with spatula to evenly distribute seasoning and garlic. Saute until veggies are tender, probably not more than 10 min. Top with parmesan (optional).


One large zuchinni makes a lot more "noodles" than you might think - I can usually get two bowlfuls out of one. I haven't tried reheating any leftovers, but don't think they would probably do well. I would be curious if you have tried reheating them, and your results! I'm also curious what you have used a spiralizer for! Please share in the comments below!


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