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My Geeky Fandom Valentine

Geeky Fandom Valentine

The Valentine I made for my husband turned out so well this year I thought I'd share it here. We're a pretty geeky couple so I wanted a way to capture that in a card. I thought through all the TV shows, movies, comics, and books we've enjoyed together and brainstormed a list of heroes and their leading ladies to represent them. Fandoms referenced:

We also like the BBC's Sherlock, so I chose a damask print paper as a nod to Sherlock's wallpaper. And one more geeky note - there are 12 couples listed (like a dozen roses!). I made the Doctor Who reference the 10th couple, since it was the 10th Doctor that fell in love with Rose. Awww....

I created the card from my digital scrapbooking stash - the "Book of Me" kit was a blog train freebie from the Half-Baked Girls design team of BrownieScraps in 2009. That digi store appears to now be defunct. The Book of Me, however, is still available. ;)

So if you were to create a geeky fandom Valentine, which couples would you include? I hope this gives you some ideas!