Recipe: Super Amazing, Incredibly Filling 2 PointsPlus Omelet
Recipe: Creamy PB2 spread

Recipe: Angie's Svelte-Inducing Spiced Vanilla Latte, and Amazon Subscribe & Save

In addition to my 2 PointsPlus (PP) omelet/scramble (omelet or scramble, depending on my skill with the spatula that morning), I also have a large mug of what I call "doctored" coffee. Generally, I like my coffee to, well, not taste much like coffee, so I have to "doctor" it. :)  My favorite fancy coffee ever was the "House" coffee at St. Louis Bread Company, and this is my Weight Watchers friendly version of it (or "svelte-inducing", if you prefer).

Angie's Svelte-Inducing 2-Point Spiced Vanilla Latte

Pour Splenda packets into mug. Add Pumpkin Pie spice. Fill mug with prepared coffee (my big mugs hold about 12oz). Add honey, Torani syrup, & milk. Stir with spoon & enjoy!

What's really cool is that I discovered recently that you can set up "subscriptions" at Amazon so you never run out of grocery staples. Here's how Amazon explains it:

When you order through Subscribe & Save, you'll automatically receive a new shipment of the item in intervals you select at a discount on our everyday price. Plus, all subscription orders ship free. We'll charge your credit card for each order only when the item is shipped, and you may cancel at any time.

Grocery items at Amazon are usually bulk quantities - the Splenda Flavors for Coffee, for example, is a 6-pack of 30-count packages. I use 2 packets of the French Vanilla in my coffee every morning, so each box lasts me about 2 weeks.  A 6-pack would last me about 3 months, so I set up a subscription to receive a shipment every 3 months. It will auto-bill to my credit card, and auto-magically show up at my door, just when I'm about to run out, AND at a 15% savings.  Nice!

I also use Crystal Light Green Tea Honey Lemon in my water every day at work. Amazon ships that as a 6-pack of 10-count boxes. I use 1 packet every week day, so each box lasts me about 2 weeks, and a 6 pack would last me 3 months, just like the Splenda. So I set up a 3-month subscription for that too. What's nice about this subscription is that I have trouble finding that particular flavor locally, so now I don't have to go to multiple stores hoping to find it - it will just show up!

I'll probably also set up a subscription for my husband's favorite granola bars (Kashi GOLEAN Crunchy! Bar, Chocolate Almond). It's 17 cents more expensive per bar at Amazon, than the best sale price locally, but the subscription "locks in" that price, so I wouldn't have to keep watching for the sale, and stock up.

Have you used this subscription program at Amazon? Do you like it? What would you order by subscription to make your life easier?


[FCC disclaimer: the links above are Amazon Associates affiliate links, so I would make a small referral fee, should you order anything from Amazon, after clicking on the links. But I would also smile at the next stranger I see, and hug a puppy, which would make the world a better place.]


electric piano

This was fantastic.Super easy and so tasty.Honestly the best recipe I've ever had in my life.

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