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Pepsi Refresh Project - Have you voted today?

A couple of local non-profits are in the running for Pepsi Refresh project funding, so I've been casting my vote every day. There are hundreds of worthwhile ventures vying for funding - have you voted today?

Here are the projects I've been voting for during this round:

Inspire future scientists with current technology in middle school. $50K
Bernard Campbell 7th Grade Science

Save homeless pets & improve lives of Wounded Warriors & at-risk kids $250K
The Haven - Friends for Life

Save more Labs! Build a safe haven for rescuing Labs in need. $50K
Life is labs Rescue

Fund the "Feel Your Boobies. Are You Doing It?" breast health campaign $250K
Feel Your Boobies Foundation

Fund Tutors for Lansing, a free after-school tutoring service. $5K

Build a no-kill animal shelter in Belton, MO to save stray cats/dogs. $250K
HELP Humane Society

Buy FOOD for rescued wolfdogs & domesticated wolves! $5K

HUGS project - wrap infants in safety by providing swaddle sleepers. $25K
Adirondack Community Action Programs, Inc.

Help support therapeutic horseback riding for special needs children $5K
KaleidoScope Therapeutic Riding Program, Inc.

Expand a NICU Support Project in Loudoun VA - $5K
Parents Supporting Families in the NICU

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Hi Angie, I'd like to invite you to promote your site on our Digital Scrapbooking Topsite. Hope to see you there!


hey! Just doing a search on our name (Life is labs) and Pepsi and found your blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH for voting for us!!! We got confirmation a couple of days ago that we are officially grant recipients and we are so excited to begin plans for our new facility! All the doggies say THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES! Sincerely, Kristie (& Drew) at Life is labs Rescue (kristie@lifeislabs.org)


Hey! Thanks for supporting Life is Labs Rescue and all the other great causes!!!

Jan N

Just wanted to thank you for your support of Life is Labs!

Angie Pedersen

You are more than welcome, Kristie, Cyndi, & Jan! We have a 5yo rescued black lab here at our house, and are rather fond of her. Good luck with your continued good works!

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