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Recipe: Super Amazing, Incredibly Filling 2 PointsPlus Omelet

Broccoli & Spinach Omelet

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Since the recent revamp of the Weight Watchers program to the PointsPlus program, which uses a algorithmic calculation of fat, carbs, protein, and fiber grams, I've started eating eggs for breakfast, instead of my former fav, high fiber multigrain flakes cereal.  With a little tweaking, I've gotten my breakfast down to a mere 2 Points(Plus).

Super Amazing, Incredibly Filling 2 PointsPlus Omelet

  • 1/2c Egg Beaters/substitute (2 servings = 1 PointsPlus)
  • 1 egg white (0 PointsPlus)
  • 1/4c frozen chopped spinach, thawed (0 PointsPlus)
  • 1 clove garlic, minced (0 PointsPlus)
  • seasonings to taste - I use seasoned salt, minced onion, and dill (0 PointsPlus)
  • 1 full wedge Laughing Cow Light swiss cheese (1 PointsPlus)

Combine all ingredients except cheese, and mix well. Pour into heated skillet and cook until set.  Add the  wedge of cheese toward the end of the cooking and heat until melty.

Please note I am terrible at making omelets, so I won't provide those cooking instructions - just google "how to make an omelet".  And if your omelet goes south on you, just mix it all together with your spatula and call it a "scramble". :)

EDITED TO ADD: I've fiddled around with different combinations of eggs/substitute. Variations have different PointsPlus values - the option I list above is a total of just 1 PP. Here are a couple of other options:

3/4c Egg Beaters (3 servings) = 2 PointsPlus
1 whole egg + 2 eggs whites = 3 PointsPlus

You could also use just 1/2 wedge of the Laughing Cow for 0 PP, but it's SO much creamier and fabulous with the full wedge.

Pepsi Refresh Project - Have you voted today?

A couple of local non-profits are in the running for Pepsi Refresh project funding, so I've been casting my vote every day. There are hundreds of worthwhile ventures vying for funding - have you voted today?

Here are the projects I've been voting for during this round:

Inspire future scientists with current technology in middle school. $50K
Bernard Campbell 7th Grade Science

Save homeless pets & improve lives of Wounded Warriors & at-risk kids $250K
The Haven - Friends for Life

Save more Labs! Build a safe haven for rescuing Labs in need. $50K
Life is labs Rescue

Fund the "Feel Your Boobies. Are You Doing It?" breast health campaign $250K
Feel Your Boobies Foundation

Fund Tutors for Lansing, a free after-school tutoring service. $5K

Build a no-kill animal shelter in Belton, MO to save stray cats/dogs. $250K
HELP Humane Society

Buy FOOD for rescued wolfdogs & domesticated wolves! $5K

HUGS project - wrap infants in safety by providing swaddle sleepers. $25K
Adirondack Community Action Programs, Inc.

Help support therapeutic horseback riding for special needs children $5K
KaleidoScope Therapeutic Riding Program, Inc.

Expand a NICU Support Project in Loudoun VA - $5K
Parents Supporting Families in the NICU

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Grammar Tip: Using Hyphens

Your complimentary grammar tip of the day:
Hyphenate compound adjectives that consist of a noun plus an adjective, such as tax-exempt, machine-washable, or ice-cold, whether they are before or after the verb.
The energy-efficient glass has a high R-value.
The coating makes the glass energy-efficient.
The weather-resistant finish makes the furniture durable.
The siding is maintenance-free.

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Weight Loss Reality Check


I had my 10th weigh-in at Weight Watchers today, and am down 1.6 pounds since before Christmas, for a total of 4.6 pounds since...October. Not exactly burning up the scales.

I keep my WW membership booklet/weight record in a little carrying case, and as I was putting my guide away after weigh-in today, I noticed/remembered that I have kept all my booklets from each time I have re/joined WW. I got them all out and looked through them, noting how many years - and pounds - had passed. Therein lay some significant, sobering truths.

To further impress upon myself these truths, I created an Excel spreadsheet to map out my weight loss journey. It ain't pretty.

  • I've joined WW 12 times, the first time in January 1999. So pretty much every year, I try again.
  • I've lost weight each time - proving I *CAN* be successful, when I stick with the program.
  • The first time I lost a total of 25.6 pounds, and was 13 pounds from goal.
  • The first time I was a member for 17 weeks, the longest I have ever stayed on the program.
  • I've also gained the lost weight back nearly every time I stopped attending meeting/unsubscribed from the program.
  • I gained back 24 of those first 25 pounds lost in 5 months, after going off program.
  • Three times I have stopped going after the 10th week. Interesting I discover this on my 10th week on the program this time around.
  • In the 12 years since I started WW, I've lost 90 pounds, but since I also gain it back, then lose some, then gain more, am currently just 10 pounds lighter than when I started back in 1999.

I don't need any celebrity trainer to berate me on national television to force me to face reality - these numbers tell the story just as coldly.

Bottom line - I have wasted YEARS and HUNDREDS of dollars by going and quitting and going back again. If I'm going to DO THIS and stop wasting my time, I need to PAY ATTENTION and really do this. I need to do my food journal every day, drink more water, and move more. For realz.

Who's with me?

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