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Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner

We have hosted a special family meal at our house every Christmas for about 14 years now, and - I must say - we put out a pretty good spread. I've used the same Christmas Dinner menu every year, and it includes something for everyone - many favorite family recipes.

My brother threw me a bit of a loop this year when he was diagnosed with celiac disease and GERD - due to his dietary concerns with gluten, dairy, citrus, garlic, and onion products (plus others), I had to scrutinize my recipes to see what could be substituted, revised, or otherwise tweaked. Believe me, the emails flew fast and furious between him, my mom, and I the weeks leading up to Christmas!

For some recipes, I checked with my brother, and discovered he didn't actually plan to eat some things (e.g., he's not a big salad eater), so I didn't even bother revising them.

For other recipes, I was able to just verify the ingredients, and tweak to use friendlier ingredients, such as lactose-free margarine.

This year I added the following gluten-free, dairy-free dishes:

My brother's plate seemed plenty full at the dinner, so I guess the dishes turned out all right! :)

I'll be looking for more celiac/GERD-friendly dishes, and see what I can surprise him with next year!  Feel free to share links to your favorite "company" recipes in the Comments section below. How have you coped with family meals due to recent diet-related diagnoses?




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