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Angst available in NOOKbook & Kindle formats!

My husband's first fantasy fiction novel is now available in ebook form at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble! And check out the special introductory price - just $2.99!


When Angst turned 40, he knew it was over. Angst had longed to be a knight of Unsel, to make his mark in history, to be remembered for heroic deeds and wondrous acts. He grew up knowing he was destined for something great, but now it is too late. Not only is 40 far too old to become a knight, Angst is one of the few able to wield “the magics”.

For 2,000 years magic has been outlawed, repressed, even outright destroyed throughout the world of Ehrde. By law, Angst is reduced to using his great power only to file papers. His marriage is on the rocks, his friends are bored with him, and he hates his job. The one person that makes him happy is the young Princess Victoria who seems to adore him. Unfortunately, that makes his boss, the Queen, hate him.

Without warning, Unsel is besieged with dangerous monsters - birds with metallic beaks, monkey creatures that can dive through solid ground, mindless horse-eating giants. The world that shunned magic now turns to Angst for help, and he is happy to listen once his back stops hurting.

On the edge of a mid-life crisis, Angst drags his reluctant friends along with him on an adventure into the heart of magic. He’s not sure where they’re going, what they’ll find, or even if they’ll survive. But he knows this is his one chance to be a hero because the only way to fight magic is with magic.

NOOKbook available at
Kindle edition available at

P.S. Did you know that all Kindle books available for purchase in the Kindle Store can be given as gifts? $2.99 is a STEAL for a great gift this holiday season! :)

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Clever Digi-Hybrid Embroidered Card


Love this idea, posted by Mollie of Wild Olive, for creating holiday cards that have a touch of handmade, via Craftzine. It's a great example of a "hybrid" craft - combining digital graphic work with paper crafting. From the Craftzine writeup:

She stitched the design for the card, photographed it, added text in a photo editor and then had them printed as postcards (which has the bonus of cutting down on postage). This could work for any holiday you are celebrating, and would be a great way to spread some handmade look and feel without having to take as much time.

It's like the "cook once, eat all week" concept -- embroider something once, use it again and again in digital copies. And impress everyone with your mad digi-hybrid skilz. :)

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