Creative uses for all those plastic bags
Paint chip mosaic art., via Mod Podge Rocks!

DIY for Lazy People, a la Groupon

The DIY craze is sweeping up everyone in the nation, except for one group: the lazy. Here are some DIY projects that even lazy people can do:

Homemade Window
What You'll Need: Hammer, Saran Wrap
How to DIY: Bang at the wall with your hammer until you see light; then, cover hole with Saran Wrap.

DIY Craft Bag
What You'll Need: Any old bag
How to DIY: Empty out contents of current bag; put craft stuff in it. Now you have a craft bag.

Personal Scrapbook
What You'll Need: Gloves, lock-picking kit, courage
How to DIY: Find the perfect family. When they're away, find their scrapbooks. Take one home with you. Now you have a personal scrapbook with a family better than your own and with half the work.

I am stunned to think of all the hours I've wasted creating my own scrapbooks...

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