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Job Search 2.0: "Elevator Speech" for the Ideal Job

As a part of my ongoing job hunt for a marketing communications position, I attended a couple of job club meetings this week. Each provided me with the opportunity to present/practice my "Elevator Speech" for what kind of work I'm looking for.

At the first meeting, I said something like, "I'm looking for something in marketing communications, writing, ideally with some components of social media marketing, like updating blogs, websites, Facebook Pages, and Twitter, stuff like that."

All the key points are there, but not exactly hard-hitting or powerful.

At the meeting I attended tonight, I said something like, "I'm in marketing communications...I'm a writer. So I'm looking for some position with writing, updating things on the web, stuff like that."

Not exactly an improvement.

During the meeting, I reworked things in my head a bit (I wasn't impressed with the speaker). How does this sound?

"I'm looking for a marketing communications position where my compelling web content will help build and promote brand awareness for a company's products or services."

Too much? Not enough? I'm thinking it's a work in progress... I welcome your comments.

But while I am still working on the presentation of that, I did fine-tune an "ideal" job description. I have a couple of friends working with me on the same contract, and as such, theirs ends the same time mine does - at the end of June. So we discuss our respective job hunts, and try to pass along leads to each other. To make it easier for them to recognize what would be a good lead for me, I copied and pasted several job descriptions from job boards, and pared it down to the essentials of what I would ideally like to find, along with several possible job titles.


Possible Job Titles:

  • Web Content Writer
  • Digital Content Specialist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Content Manager - Web
  • Content Specialist
  • Associate Editor – Web
  • Online Marketing Professional

General job description: Act as company ambassador/evangelist: Develop company’s strategy to reach and attain new clients/customers, stir discussion, and drive traffic to company website and social media platforms. Responsible for writing and publishing Web content; maintaining and updating Web pages/blogs; monitoring and responding to user-contributed website content; and participating in social media efforts for the company.


If you're looking for a job, I encourage you to put together your ideal job description. Not only will it help others find the best potential matches for you, it will help you better refine/define what you want for yourself.

Another job hunt success for me this week was the completion of my online resume. While I have essentially the same information posted to my LinkedIn profile, I'm 'hedging my bets' with more content posted elsewhere, for whatever search engine juice it might provide for me.

What have you done to make progress toward your goals this week?


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