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Job Search 2.0: A Work in Progress

As you may or may not know, I left my position as a Data Analyst at the end of January to accept a position as a web content writer. My background is in writing, particularly marketing communications, so this new position is a better fit for me.

Unfortunately, there is now talk of budget cuts, with my 'new' position possibly being absorbed at the end of June.  So, I am currently looking for a permanent full-time job in marketing communications, ideally generating web content and coordinating a social media presence.

As such, I thought I would track and write about my job search efforts, as it's a very different world out there, and it takes a variety of tricks and tools to find the right job at the right company at the right time. I plan to write about the different techniques and vehicles I try, and just provide an overview of my process.  Feel free to chime in with comments with any tips or insights you might have.

State of the Job-Search Union

I've been looking for a job since early March, when budget talk started wafting through the ranks.  I started with the usual - updated my resume on Monster and CareerBuilder, with no real effect.  Though I did get a number of emails and calls from recruiters from different companies, all apparently trying to fill the same position - in St. Louis.  I guess since I live in Kansas City, Missouri, they figure anywhere in Missouri is close enough.  It took me several weeks to get them to stop presenting this "opportunity" to me.

As a part of my Monster and CareerBuilder accounts, I set up "job alerts", where the system automatically emails me with any job listings that match my criteria.  I also set up an alert at, a site that aggregates listings from multiple job search websites.

From the various alerts, I have applied to 11 positions since March 7th, and have received one call that turned into a phone interview, that I thought went very well.  The corporate hiring manager indicated the local supervisor would call to schedule an in-person interview in two weeks, but that call never came.  I failed to get the corporate contact's name, so I had to resort to emailing the generic "jobs" email address to try to follow up, but received no response.

I also created an account at, a job search website specifically for IT-related positions.  While I would prefer a marketing communications position, if a technical writing/documentation position came up, I would definitely apply for it. I've gotten a few calls from that, but nothing that led to an interview.

So now I believe I need to get more aggressive, and creative.  I am tapping in to more social media tools (which only makes sense, really, since I'd like that to be a significant part of my work). 

Looking Forward

Over the course of several future posts, I plan to write about my adventures with:

  • Reading Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0, by Jay Conrad Levinson and David E. Perry.
  • Guerrilla Resume Revamp
  • Updating/Beefing up my LinkedIn profile
  • Networking via LinkedIn
  • Researching target employers/companies
  • "Rebooting" my Facebook Fan page (or "Like" page, as the case may be)
  • Setting up a Posterous account
  • Adding content to
  • Local job club(s)
They say looking for a full-time job *is* a full-time job, and I'd have to agree with "them". I come home from work, make dinner, chat with the family, then get to work on job-hunt stuff. I must admit, it's hard not to feel discouraged by the lack of response to 11 job applications, and second-guessing my abilities, but in the words of Stuart Smalley, gosh darnit, I'm good enough! I know I am the answer to someone's work-related "pain", and I have something valuable to contribute.  I just need to find that person, and they need to keep the faith that I'm out here, looking for them, too.


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