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If you follow me on Twitter, hopefully you've seen my recent "tweets" about my latest project.

Angie Writes-tweet

I've started a new website to market my writing experience and house my writing samples - you can check it out at I figured it was an easy URL to remember, and people wouldn't have to spell my 'tricky' last name right to find me.  :)

Right now I'm working on posting PDFs of the various articles I've written for magazines, with plans to add examples of web copy I've tweaked, along with screen shots.  I've already linked to my book website, and the press releases I've written that are posted at  What else do you think I should include on the AngieWrites site?

I'm also considering making my own banner in Photoshop - haven't decided yet.  Until then, I think the books are a good default design.

If anyone has any links to effective online portfolios that showcase writing samples/resumes, I'd love to see them!