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Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Joker & Son

I took some time to actually do a layout this weekend - for no 'good' reason other than I felt like it.  What a novel idea!

I recently made a challenge to myself to 'delete' the time-consuming behaviors I often associate with scrapbooking, and just scrap.  I took my own advice - I found a digital scrapbooking quickpage I liked, chose an appropriate photo, slapped together a few elements, journaled, and was DONE. 

I'm pretty pleased with myself - sometimes just doing something all it takes. Forward motion. The easier you make it on yourself, the more likely you are to do something.  Take out the guesswork and the time-sucking nature of a chore, and suddenly it's not so much of a chore.  And each successful completion of the task encourages you to get more done.

That said, here's the layout.


Comics & Bubbles QuickPage by Pouyou Designs
Comics & Bubbles add-on by Cardamome
Collage Edge Layer Style by Debra Tope
Serious Wordart by Elegant WordArt
Font: SF Wonder Comic



Good for you! I am glad that you just took time to scrap! It looks like your son has as much fun at life as you do!

I'm trying to get where I can start doing more layouts too....I'm getting there...

Cigar Reviews

Wow-- that is too cute! I'm glad you got some motivation to start the scrapbooking, sometimes it's hard to find, especially when LIFE gets in the way! :) I hope I can find some motivation here soon.. the pictures are piling up. Gaaah.

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