@BookofMe Twitter Round-up - Week of 12/7/08
Today's To-Do List

@AngiePedersen Twitter Roundup - Week of 12/14/08

getting used to wearing my first pair of glasses, just for working on the computer - my daughter said they look weird on my face. Nice! :)

just got back from some holiday errands and weigh-in - down .4lbs for a total of 9.8!

Two Free Hot Spot items with any purchase - Archiver's coupon

#randomfact My girlhood crushes were Shaun Cassidy & Erik Estrada.

Via @JoshHighland - It's Random Fact Friday again! Join in by posting a random fact about yourself followed by the tag #randomfact

Moogsmum used ScrapJazz tutorial to make gift bag from recycled newspaper

Make Last Minute Gift Bags tutorial on ScrapJazz.com - uses 2 12x12 sheets of paper

Twitter/FB only book giveaway - gave away 2 free copies of Joanna Campbell Slan's "Paper Scissors DEATH" scrapbook mystery - Drew random names from entries. Shipped out Sat.  Download free book excerpt

‘Star Trek’ Creator’s Widow Majel Barrett Passes Away - http://snipurl.com/8uris

Via @mihla Another holiday photo resource [BetterPhoto.com]: http://bit.ly/15V6B

Holiday Photography Tips from ScrapbooksETC.com

Via @CraftyChica - If you missed NaNoWriMo, maybe Tweet-A-Book is for you! 

This looks good - Ravioli and Roasted Chicken Soup from the WW Chick - Just 2 Pts!

34 Essential Tutorials To Get Started With Digital Photography on the PXLshots.com Blog

Neat idea for a set of building blocks from palomasnest on Etsy

Online flashcards - play hangman, crossword puzzles, matching, & word search games with your own facts: http://www.studystack.com/

Cell Phones for Soldiers turns old cell phones into prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas

Check out Hungry Girl's recipe for Thin-gerbread Men in today's Newsletter

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." --Hamilton Wright Mabie

Fantastic Kid's Craft - Add Children's Art to Glass Ornaments - from AlphaMom.com - I'm totally doing this.

Via OnePrettyThing.com, a link to pretty printable/digital paper from LollyChops.com

From Curbly.com - How To Make a No-Sew Holiday Dog Bed

Make your own Photo Cuff Bracelets from Curbly.com

Enthusiasm is the best protection in any situation. Wholeheartedness is contagious. Give yourself, if you wish 2 get others. - David Seabury

@reneepearson is posting gift ideas for digital scrapbookers at http://reneepearson.typepad.com

Printable gift tag roundup from OnePrettyThing.com

cute candy cane wreaths: http://tinyurl.com/686gwr

too funny - via @DrRus - Today is Barbie & Barnie Backlash Day when Mom and Dad can tell the kids that Barbie and Barney don't exist!

have you clicked today? http://www.thebreastcancersite.com

eating a Weight Watchers choc chip cookie - wishing it was topped with a fudge brownie & ice cream. And maybe sprinkles. And a HoHo.

Via oneprettything.com, a link to How To Make a Shuttered Bulletin Board

Waiting for me for dinner tonight - Weight Watchers-friendly Crockpot Potato Chowder

trying to decipher my son's Magic card deck wish list - anyone for a Ravenous Rat for Christmas? How about a Throat Slitter?

pleased with my .6lb loss at yesterday's WW weigh-in - total: 10.2lb in 13 weeks. Quite respectable, esp. considering Thanksgiving.


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