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@AngiePedersen Twitter Roundup - Week of 11/23/08

The Entire Book of Me Series Now Available

I discovered this morning that I am not currently offering a deal that I have offered for years.  Ummm...huh?

I mean, for years, I have sold all three copies of my Book of Me series at one discounted price. But when I popped over to The Book of Me shop this morning, I realized I hadn't created that sales page when I moved my shop from OneScrappySite to Typepad.  OY!

So I have now created a sales page for the three-book combo deal: The Angie Pedersen Special - The Entire Book of Me series


I think the combo is aptly named - sounds rather egotistical, I know, but what better name for something that encourages you to be a little self-centered once in a while?  :)


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