Mamma Mia! Scrap-a Me-a Crop Party
Status Update 7/28

New AAM Challenge blog: So Tell Me Your Story....

A heads up on a new Book of Me/All About Me challenge blog: So Tell Me Your Story....

Have you ever picked up a photo of someone in your family from generations ago and wondered about them. What their story was? Who the person was behind the smile? What they liked and the life they lead? Yet no one can tell you tell you anything about them.

Do you want to be the person in the photos that no one knows anything about? Do you want to be the person who scrapped albums yet no one knows anything about the person who created the scrapbooks?

Ask yourself, why don’t I scrap more of me?

Is it time related? Set yourself some time to do one layout a month.

You don't have to fill up a 12x12. You can do a 6x6 AAM. I do a 8X8 and I love it.

We all have stories... So how can you tell your story?

This when I come in and get you to take part in AAM challenges.

I will be posting two BOM challenges per month and you can choose to one or both. You dont have to have photos but lets start telling our story. It will be posted on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

A RAK will be given once a month :)

No excuses now...Go Scrap Yourself! :)


Jeanine Baechtold

Awesome idea Angie! My problem - I have no photos of me, period... that is a great excuse right???? Hmmmmm.


Great idea...I look forward to seeing the challenges! Hope it's okay but I added the blog link to my site in case someone is looking for new inspiration. :)

Angie Pedersen

Jeanine - awesome idea, yes...great excuse...not so much. Make pages with no photos, and/or ask someone to take specific photos of you. Don't you have a scrapbooking business partner?? Offer to take pictures of her, and vice versa! NO EXCUSES! ;)

Monica, of course it's all right to link to the challenge blog! I would think they would appreciate your helping to spread the word. More participants and inspiration that way!

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