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Self-Publishing Secrets with Elaine Floyd

Elainefloyd I was very excited to see that my publisher, Elaine Floyd, is the guest speaker on an upcoming SpeakerNet News Teleseminar - July 8.  She will be addressing "Self-Publishing Secrets: How to Produce Your Own Bestseller". And this lady *totally* knows her stuff.  I mean, she did publish each of my three best-selling scrapbooking idea books.

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • how to create a system for selling not just one book, but a series [editor's note: from the beginning, she intended to make Book of Me a series, not just a single, stand-alone book.  She's always thinking ahead like that.]
  • why your book must exceed the standards of major publishers
  • the three critical components to making your book a success and what most self-publishers skip — to their book’s detriment
  • key components of a jump-off-the-shelf cover [I still get comments on the appeal of my book covers - Elaine was integral to their design.]
  • internal layout tips that separate “home-made” from professional [ditto on the internal pages - people *love* the sidebars in my books.]
  • how to decide between soft- and hard-cover

In short, if you are interested in self-publishing (or even if you're publishing with an commercial publisher) - Elaine's expertise will give you the inside scoop on getting your books to fly off the shelves.  I truly cannot sing her praises enough.

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