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Search Engine Phrases that Bring in the (Blog) Traffic

Love this post on BECAUSE I SAID SO: How Did You Get Here???.  Dawn lists out some keyword searches people Google'd that brought them to her blog.  For example, "playland pee pants" and "how to cram feet into shoes".  Sadly, the most common search-bringers to this blog aren't quite so entertaining.

Still, I think it's interesting that, overwhelmingly, the #1 search that brings people to my blog is some variation of "movie title quiz".  For which I am result #8, because I posted the answer key to a popular Excel-based movie quiz...back in 2005!  Nearly three years later, and it still brings people to my blog.  Wild.  Talk about search engine optimization!

The second most popular search phrase that brings people to this blog "blog name generator".  Which is unfortunate, because it looks like the link I posted in this post (also in 2005) is now dead.  Any leads on a valid blog name generator?  People are obviously looking for one!

Thankfully, other popular search phrases are "about me scrapbook pages" (for which I am the #1 result) and "scrapbooking blogs" (for which I am the #6 result).  Strangely enough, this blog ranks #10 for "scrapbook blogs" - interesting that the "-ing" makes a difference.  Still, first page results in both cases, so I'm pleased.

But no particularly amusing search phrases.  I'm curious - what searches bring people to *your* blog?


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