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Shutterfly Photobook #2: Birthday gift for my mom

I received my second Shutterfly photobook in the mail yesterday, and dropped it off with my mom (the birthday girl!) today, so I can finally share the book here!  I didn't want to share it before I gave it to her, in case she happened to stop by the blog and ruin the birthday surprise!  :)


   Click here to view this photo book.

The cool thing about this book is that it includes a combination of 100% digi layouts, and scanned paper layouts.  I had wondered if that would work - to scan in full-size 12x12 layouts, and resize/tweak them to fit the photobook templates.  I am happy to report it does work!  Printed beautifully!  I will say the scanned pages are not quite as crisp as the digi layouts, especially for journaling, but definitely visible.  I would definitely do it again, and would suggest scanned for photobooks as a solution for making multiple copies of albums for friends or relatives.

Digital Credits are many and varied, and included after the "jump"...

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Blogroll: Local Scrapbooking Stores with Blogs

In order to support "the little guy", I'm starting a blogroll of links to blogs maintained by local scrapbooking stores.  That list will be archived here in this post.

If you know of an LSS that has a blog that isn't listed here, please feel free to leave the link in the Comments.  One caveat - the blog must include the store's location in the sidebar and/or link back to the main store website.  If I can't find the location easily, I won't include the blog link. How can potential customers come to the store if they don't know where you are?? :)

Book of Me chat at Scrap-a-Latte

I just finished up a Book of Me message board chat at Scrap-a-Latte.  Here are the questions we covered:

Thanks for having me, Carla, and thanks for the great questions and discussion, SAL girls! :)

So here's your chance - any burning Book of Me questions that haven't been answered?  Ask in the Comments below, and I'd be happy to offer suggestions/tips/comments.

Shutterfly Photo Book #2

I'm so excited - I received the custom anniversary Photobook I created at Shutterfly for my husband.  It's gorgeous!  The quality is superb - just beautiful.  Crisp clear colors and images - the layouts are just as the appeared on my computer screen, and the journaling is easy to read.  Just perfect.  I plan to do a short video of paging through the book to try and show what it looks like in person - until then, remember you can "page" through it in a sort of slideshow in this blog post.

So this weekend at a scrapbooking retreat with girlfriends I started my next book. :)  Once I get it "built" at Shutterfly, I will post another "slideshow" here.

Who else has gotten to play with photo books?  What albums have you done?

Need a title for a scrapbooking layout

Angie1979 I'm working on a layout that features a picture of my mother, myself (left - I know, how cute was I??), and my daughter, all from 4th grade.  My initial thought of a title was "3 Generations of Schoolgirls," but when I put it on there last night (it's digital), it didn't sound or look right.  Please - any ideas?  I have to get this done today - it's for an assignment.


EDITED TO ADD: Got it!  "Three Little Maids from School Are We".  And thanks to digi goods created by Michelle Underwood, Robin Carlton, eScrapper, and Jan Hosford, the layout turned out great!  (IMHO) :)

New (to me) Font Site: Allie Hoopes

Via my friends at Scrapbook University, a link to a font site/blog that I hadn't heard of, if you can believe it - Allie Hoopes' Free Handwriting Fonts.  How can you go wrong with someone who describes herself as "part nerd, part Martha, part sparkle butterfly fairy princess"?  Cute cute stuff.

And yes, Allie makes fonts of your handwriting - $5 a font.  Such a deal.

Book of Me Idea: Don't Hold Back Your Truth

Spotted recently in e-newsletter The Lifewriter's Digest, an article titled Holding Back Your Truth.

"I believe one has to stop holding back for fear of alienating some imaginary reader or real relative or friend and come out with personal truth. If we are to understand the human condition and if we are to accept ourselves in all the complexity, self-doubt.... we have to know all we can about each other and we have to be willing to go naked." --May Sarton

Lifewriting pioneer Denis Ledoux goes on to discuss why and, more importantly, how to be "naked" when writing about your life.

If one of the main values of memoir for the reader (in addition to entertainment) is its mentoring ability, then the memoir that does not tell the truth is vapid. I think people are fascinated by the memoir because it gives them a glimpse into the human condition. If that glimpse is fuzzy or distorted, then of what value is the posturing that is trying to pass itself off as truth?

Here I am not suggesting that you tell cruel things about other people. I am not suggesting you tell things that were told you in secret, nor things that will get you in legal trouble if you shared it.

I am talking about the deeper truth that gives meaning and depth to a story, to the truth that will pop our story open.

He also offers four journaling prompts to help you determine what stories you may be holding back.  Scroll down to the bottom to find the journaling prompts.

Go ahead...Scrap YOUR story.

Digital Recipe Card: Pretzel Kisses

Yes, another one.  These 4x6 recipe cards are just too fun and easy.  This one is an adaptation from a recipe I found in Quick Cooking magazine in the late '90s - so I've been making these for about 10 years now.  (Sadly that magazine, once published by Reiman Publications, is now defunct.)

Brach's Chocolate stars The adaptations - the recipe originally called for Hershey's kisses and pretzel rings.  For the life of me, I couldn't find pretzel *rings* locally, so I just used mini pretzels - works just fine.  Plus the crossed "arms" helps form a base to hold the chocolate - wouldn't want any of that precious chocolate to fall out through the ring!  I used to make these with the kisses, but then I was like, why unwrap all those kisses when I can just throw a chocolate star (see right) on there?  Plus, the stars have the little groove tips on there that make a nice presentation (of course, these babies go so fast in my house, that I'm pretty sure no one bothers to appreciate the "presentation".  So I guess that's just for me.)

These sweet treats are quite popular particularly with men, for some reason.  My husband and son frequently request them for LAN parties (video games played across a Local Area Network) and sleepovers (more video games).

These are also fun to bring to potlucks and whatnot because you can usually coordinate the M&Ms to the season or upcoming holiday.  Chocolate is even better when it's festive, don't you think? ;)

Without further ado - the recipe!


(Click on the graphic for a full-size image to save for your own recipe collection)

Digi Credits:

Shabby Man Man kit by Tanya Todd Krasen
Curled Edges Embellishments by Jan Hicks,
Fonts: Stamped & Willing Race

Search Engine Phrases that Bring in the (Blog) Traffic

Love this post on BECAUSE I SAID SO: How Did You Get Here???.  Dawn lists out some keyword searches people Google'd that brought them to her blog.  For example, "playland pee pants" and "how to cram feet into shoes".  Sadly, the most common search-bringers to this blog aren't quite so entertaining.

Still, I think it's interesting that, overwhelmingly, the #1 search that brings people to my blog is some variation of "movie title quiz".  For which I am result #8, because I posted the answer key to a popular Excel-based movie quiz...back in 2005!  Nearly three years later, and it still brings people to my blog.  Wild.  Talk about search engine optimization!

The second most popular search phrase that brings people to this blog "blog name generator".  Which is unfortunate, because it looks like the link I posted in this post (also in 2005) is now dead.  Any leads on a valid blog name generator?  People are obviously looking for one!

Thankfully, other popular search phrases are "about me scrapbook pages" (for which I am the #1 result) and "scrapbooking blogs" (for which I am the #6 result).  Strangely enough, this blog ranks #10 for "scrapbook blogs" - interesting that the "-ing" makes a difference.  Still, first page results in both cases, so I'm pleased.

But no particularly amusing search phrases.  I'm curious - what searches bring people to *your* blog?