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"Month of Stories" Tag Book - a la CZ

Seen recently on Cathy Zielske's (aka "CZ") blog: Can you tell little short stories, on and off, for one continuous month of your life?.

Presenting the "Month of Super Short Stories" Tag Book...

...So here’s the thingie I’m making (with an emphasis on making as it’s not even remotely done). I’m getting everything prepped to do a tag book that will span one month’s time and be a cute little holding pen for random everyday story snippets and photos. I will begin collecting said data on March 1.

...And what are you going to record? Whatever the heck you want to, but the challenge is this: just pick one thing from the day you're recording, and write down a little tiny story about it. The tags I designed for this mini-book only give you so much room to write, so the exercise is all about choosing your words carefully, and realizing you don’t need to write a thesis to adequately capture a moment/story/bit & piece of your daily life.

Maybe you will write about your wild success with laundry on a Tuesday. Or the way you had a massive, institutionalization-worthy meltdown on Saturday. Whatever goes, goes. Just find a way to write a mini-record of one thing from one chosen day.

Cool idea, CZ.

Scrap Yourself: Online Class

Kudos to Debbie Hodge for getting an online class out there to Scrap Yourself.

Who else would have thought of depicting one's life into sections like Childhood, Family, Friends, Work, and Beliefs?  Or helping others scrapbook about themselves by providing focus topics, journaling prompts, inspirational quotes, and lists of things to photograph?

Oh, wait.  I did.  And my tagline since 2002 has been "Go Scrap Yourself!"

But I digress.  Other than various (and plentiful) message board challenges, I haven't seen many classes that bring the Book of Me format to the online classroom.  Big Picture Scrapbooking has offered classes that showcase individual projects, and Shimelle offers project classes (such as I Have to Confess)  but they're not really an ongoing process (unless you count Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, which some students may still be continuing.)

This Scrap Yourself class bears a striking similarity to the framework I outlined in Book of Me - topic, journaling prompts, quotes, and photo checklists.  The class also seems thoughtfully prepared, with useful content.  So any self-centered scrappers out there may want to check it out.  (HA - too bad I don't get credit OR a referral fee!)

The Book of Me: A Guide to Scrapbooking about Yourself by Angie PedersenAnd if you need any more Book of Me ideas, well, you know where to find me.  ;)  Maybe seeing Debbie's class online will be enough of a kick to get off my butt and put together that ebook of Challenges I keep intending to compile.  I created a general "All About Me journaling kit" last year, and haven't decided how to best present the remaining material.  All in one ebook, like 52 Weekly Challenges for a Year?  Or in smaller topical "doses", like The Book of Me - Dreams, and The Book of Me - Childhood?  The latter is where I'm leaning.  Any thoughts?

P.S.  Did you know that the dancer there on the cover of The Book of Me is actually Shimelle?  The picture was taken at a local (to me) high school - did you also know she's originally from my own childhood suburb in Kansas City?  She has quite a few layouts in the book, from back in the day before she was a globe-trotting famous instructor. 

Nearly six years later, and I still love that cover.

Photojojo's Photo Time Capsule

Introducing the Photojojo's Photo Time Capsule -- from their newsletter:

...So we’ve been working on something new called Photojojo Time Capsule, and we’re really excited to release it!

Every couple weeks, Time Capsule digs up your photos on Flickr from a year ago, choosing the ones that are most interesting (most views, comments, and faves), then sends them to you in a quick email.

We’ve been using it for a while, and it’s amazing how nostalgia-inducing it’s been to get a little time capsule every couple weeks. :)

I see that scrapbooker Tonya Doughty (aka GauchoGirl) has already signed up.

Anniversary Digital Scrapbook: We Are

I created and ordered my first photobook at Shutterfly - now the waiting begins!  It should arrive next week.  I'll post full credits as soon as I have a bit more time - there are a ton!  Though I did use a few digital scrapbooking kits throughout the album: Catch Some Fun collaborative kit from, and Illusive kit & Digital Scrapbooking Day kit by Corina Nielsen. Templates by Chris Greiser, the Paper Tag, Jen Caputo, Moriginals, Rose McDigital, Kissed Studio, and JillJackScraps. Shutterfly 8x8 photobook templates by WendyZine Scraps (invaluable for creating digital Shutterfly albums).


   Click here to view this photo book.

Digi credits after the "jump"...

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Call for Submissions: Digi Kits with Cultural Flair

I'm writing an article for Digital Scrapbooking magazine that will feature ways to include one's cultural heritage in a scrapbook -- and I need examples of digital scrapbooking kits that fit this theme.  The article will be featured in the August/September 2008 issue, so kits that would work for layouts with a late summer/early fall focus would be ideal, but not absolutely required.

What do I mean by cultural heritage?  Basically, where you come from.  Who are "your people"?  Is your ancestry African-American?  Jewish?  Scandinavian?  Maori?  If "your people" gathered all together, what stories would they tell?

Now - what elements in a digital scrapbooking kit would help you do layouts that communicate your family's heritage?  Think:

  • cultural patterns
  • iconic images
  • metaphorical images
  • meaningful WordArt

Anyone seen any kits out there that would help tell these stories?  Anyone willing to make one?  I'm not guaranteeing any of them will be included in the article, but if I don't know about it, it *definitely* can't be included!

Layout submissions depicting cultural heritage are also welcome - 100% digital, or hybrid-with-heavy-digi.

My deadline approacheth - links and/or preview images are due to me by Wednesday, February 27th.  Just email me or leave me a comment here.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. if you're looking for some ideas for cultural scrapbooking, so you can submit something, check out Lisa Sanford's blog (and book!) -

Pity the Scrapbook Widowers

A rather humorous feature article by Julia McKinnel: Scrapbook widowers get unglued |

"...Back in Holland, Bubbah has detected a worrisome link between women who scrapbook and women who wear Crocs, and has started an offshoot site called Scrappers with Crocs. Meanwhile, the Scrapbook Widower has launched "a serious investigation into the relationship between scrapbooking and the quality of the sex life of scrapbookers and their partners." Sixty-one per cent of respondents identified with the answer, "Oh God, I can't even remember the last time we had a 'lay down' instead of a 'layout.' "

Interview with Founders of P22

For all you 'fonties' out there, a heads up on an interesting interview with the founders of the P22 font foundry - posted in the MyFonts newsletter: Creative Characters February 2008.

P22 is famous with scrapbookers for their Garamouche font, as well as Cezanne.  My publisher also used Stanyan throughout my second book, Growing Up ME.

So here's some "font for thought" (sorry - couldn't resist!) - what are your favorite P22 fonts?

Hybrid Scrapbook Album: Girl Scout Campout

I put together a little video of a hybrid album I did recently.  I'm really pleased with how cute the album turned out, and so is my daughter, which is a nice bonus!

Last summer, my daughter and I went on a Mother-Daughter Overnight campout through the Girl Scouts - just her and I, no one else from the troop went with us.  Which actually was kind of nice - our schedule was our own, and we didn't have to wait for or check in with anyone before we did the next activity.  This was our second year participating and we really enjoyed all the activities.  Plus even non-campers can handle 20 hours in the "wilds" of Missouri (about 20 minutes from our house!).

The album is hybrid because I created all the layouts/pages digitally, using the Funky Junky Quick Album by Colleen York and Emily Merrit.  I sized the layouts to 4x4, placed them on 4x6 "canvases", and had them printed as 4x6 photos.  I painted the edges of a C&T Publishing blank board book with acrylic paint. Then I trimmed off the 2" white strip, and adhered the photos/layouts to the board book.  Easy peasy project!  Especially with Quick Pages that complete a lot of the work for you!

See the actual layouts (not in the hybrid album) here: Mother-Daughter Overnight

EDITED TO ADD: Read Miss Mint's great Board Book Bonanza Tutorial on how to create one of these!

Digital credits after the "jump"...

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DIY Scrapbooking : The Book of Me

It looks like DIY Scrapbooking is doing a show on The Book of Me later this month: Episode SCB-528.  But they didn't contact me at any point during the development or taping of the episode.  Does that seem right to you? 

I realize that while I was the first one to write a book on scrapbooking about yourself, I am no longer the only one "preaching the word".  But to title the episode "The Book of Me" - the exact title of my book - and not even contact me for any sort of content or contribution...not only am I little hurt and upset, it just makes it look like they didn't do their homework.

I mean, really, how hard is it to Google "book of me", and see that my book is the 1st through 7th results on the first page of 10 results?  ("Book of Me scrapbooking" yields similar results.)  If you were coordinating a TV show on Book of Me projects, isn't that how you'd start your research?

I have always tried to take the high road when I see comments about or references to various "book of me" projects, even when my book or myself are not mentioned - take it as a compliment that my phrase has been accepted into scrapbooking vernacular, and take pride that the subject continued to get so much buzz.  But this one bugged me.  Especially when my publisher and I pitched DIY when BoM came out in 2002, but they didn't think it worthy of a segment, let alone a whole episode.  Guess they reconsidered.  Which is fine, considering it's a more acceptable concept within the community now, nearly six years later. 

But DIY should have done their homework, and they should have contacted me.  Whether or not I appeared on the show - whatever - but they should have contacted me as a part of the show development.  To have not contacted me is incomplete research and unprofessional, in my opinion.