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Christmas Family Photo Advent Calendar - Completed!

Long about the end of November, I had such grand plans for creating a Christmas Family Photo Advent Calendar.  Turned out to be quite a bit more work than I had anticipated - but I ended up really enjoying the whole process.  From choosing the papers, to sifting through all the photos of Christmases past, even choosing the 'title' for the piece - it was just so nice to be making something just because I wanted to. 

And my family kind of got into it - I narrowed down the photo options to 29, so I had to cut out 4.  Everyone got a vote, and they were surprisingly outspoken about their reasons for cutting specific photos - it was kind of funny!

I finished it the 2nd weekend in December - quite a bit later than I would have liked, but still in time for a partial countdown at least.  (What I find very amusing is that my oh-so-jaded 13-year-old son is the one who takes off the magnet every morning.)

I did mine on the back "bumped-out" part of a jelly roll pan. 

  1. I painted the rim and sides clover green, and covered the back with cardstock and patterned papers (adhering with Mod Podge). 
  2. I printed out 25 photos in 1½x1½ and 1½x2" sizes, and trimmed to size.
  3. I adhered those on top of the patterned paper, and Mod Podge'd over the photos and paper.
  4. I printed out the numbers 1-25 in 1½x½" and 1½x2" text boxes, and trimmed to size
  5. I edged the numbered squares with Ranger Stickles, then smoothed it out with a small paintbrush, to give them "snowy", sparkley edges.
  6. I mounted the numbered squares on square magnets, so they would attach on top of the photos.
  7. Title letters are chipboard covered with green felt from Hobby Lobby
  8. We take off the numbered magnet square for whatever day it is - I realize this makes it more of a "countup" than a countDOWN, but I also know my family, and it will be easier for us to figure out what day it IS, rather than how many days are left until the 25th.  ;)
  9. We store the removed numbered squared on the reverse side of the pan.

Without further ado... the pictures.


Christmas Family Photo Advent Calendar

Christmas Family Photo Advent Calendar

Christmas Family Photo Advent Calendar - Day 1

Family Photo Advent Calendar

Family Photo Advent Calendar


Have you made an Advent Calendar?  Share the link in the Comments!



Love this! I will start earlier next year. Merry Christmas! Hugs, Cara

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