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Photojojo Link Roundup

Photojojo! We find the best photo shiz anywhere

I subscribe to the Photojojo newsletter because they offer links to freakin' awesome photo resources (twice a week!).  Here are some links shared in the newsletter over the past month or so:

The Photojojo blog/newsletter is also a great example of blog marketing, in case you're interested in that kind of thing.  See my post on 7 Blog Marketing Lessons from

Family Traditions: Abelskivvers

Abelskivers3sept07 So while out and about on Saturday, my family and I stopped into a cute little Scandinavian store in Independence, MO.  I was hoping to find some early Christmas present for my mother-in-law -- her side of the family is Norwegian, and she has several home decor pieces decorated with rosemaling.  We didn't find any truly stunning rosemaling pieces, but we did find an Abelskivver pan. 

I showed it to my husband (who is, as I mentioned, 1/2 Norwegian, and also 1/2 Danish), and he looked kind of confused.  "Uh, I think they already have an abelskivver pan."  I rolled my eyes and told him I meant for us.  He got this look of wonder on his face and said, "Oh!  We could have them for breakfast tomorrow morning!!"  This 37-year-old man was so excited; it was so cute.

Perhaps you have not yet heard of the abelskivver.  Pronounced "able-skee-ver", it's basically a cute little puffed round pancake ball, made in a special cast iron pan (hence, the abelskivver pan).  According to Wikipedia, they were traditionally cooked with bits of apple (æble) or applesauce inside but these ingredients are not normally included in modern Danish forms of the dish.

Soon after we got home with our purchase, my husband called my father-in-law (the Dane) to "verify" the recipe that was included with the pan.  My husband started reading off the ingredients - milk, flour, eggs, butter, yeast...apparently my FIL didn't agree, because at that point my husband crumpled up the recipe and declared it "broken".  And my FIL faxed over a copy of a "corrected" recipe (which contained no yeast, I was happy to discover - no rising time!)

So first thing Sunday morning, I'm in the kitchen, warily preparing to make the abelskivvers.  I say warily because I realize I'm about to take on a family tradition, one of my husband's childhood memories.  One does not tamper with such weighty matters lightly.  But, I figure I've made pancakes countless times before, quite successfully - how different can it be?

"Do you have a crochet hook?" my husband asks from the other room.


Abelskivers2sept07_2 Apparently my FIL says you're supposed to turn the abelskivvers with a crochet hook.  Tried that on the first batch - it wasn't too pretty (neither the resulting abelskivvers, nor my crochet hook).  I managed to complete the rest of the batches with a dessert fork.  I'll have to watch my FIL make some, to see how he manages a crochet hook.

For those of you who may be curious, here is the "unbroken" recipe the Pedersens use for abelskivvers:

1c flour
2t sugar
1t baking soda
1/2t salt
1-1/2c buttermilk
4 eggs, separated

Sift all dry ingredients together. 
Stir in buttermilk
Separate eggs - beat egg whites in separate bowl until stiff. 
Add egg yolks to batter.  Beat until "light".
Fold in egg whites.
Brush a little oil in each abelskivver cup between batches.
Fill each cup with batter (just over a tablespoon each). 
When each cake starts to bubble and cook around the edges, turn with a crochet hook (or small dessert fork, in my non-Danish case).

To make this post scrapbooking-related...

  • do you have any recipes that make you wary to try, due to the shadow of Family Tradition? 
  • Think of (and journal about) a time when you first attempted a recipe that had family "baggage".  How did it turn out? 
  • Have you successfully made a traditional recipe your own?  (For instance, my husband agreed I could try adding vanilla to this recipe -- but not cinnamon.) 
  • How are favorite foods in your family tied to your cultural heritage? 
  • Have you successfully merged family heritages through food?

I'd love to hear some of your stories!

Scrapbooking Review/Tutorial: Using Felt

Cecilie Malling put together a great review/tutorial in the latest issue of Lifetime Moments' e-newsletter, LM Style.  She details several ways to adhere and embellish scrapbooking projects using felt.

Specifically, she suggests using Beacon's Felt Glue, which I had never even heard of, so I was glad to discover it.

I had also never heard of RibbonStiff (where have *I* been??), so another great suggestion there.

Cecilie used Ranger's Stickles to embellish a felt pumpkin, and stamped with Staz-On - too cute!  I never would have thought of either of those ideas!

I guess that's what some people are scrapbooking designers, and some people just blog.  ;)

Display Photos in Altered Recycled Bottles

Check out this home decor project from Crafty Chica: Recycled bottles get arty touch.

Have you ever polished off a Frappuccino and thought, "Wow, this is a cool bottle!" Well, I have!

I've done the same with miniketchup and tequila bottles. The trick is to find a bottle that has character and a big enough opening to drop in the goodies. Once you have the inside filled, you can embellish the outside.

Think of it as an untraditional picture frame, or a reverse shadow box. Either way, you'll have an amusing piece of art for your home. This idea would be cute for party favors, gifts or invitations, too.

Scrapbook Blogger Links

Yesterday in my Blogging 201 class, someone asked for some "good" scrapbook blogs to read.  I told him that Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, Cathy Zielske, and Scrapability's blogs were all very popular, but for a more comprehensive list, I told him I'd just post a list to my blog!  :)

I keep a public blogroll of scrapbooking blogs at Bloglines, which I have posted here.

I also have a linkroll on Scrapbooking Industry "Thought Leaders".  Leave me a comment if you think anyone is missing from the Thought Leader list.

Blogging 201: Yep, Spots Available Here Too!

Blogging201notebook More good news!  A select few spots are available in my other MemoryTrends seminar, Blogging 201: I Have a Blog...Now What?

We'll be discussing:

  • Drive Traffic – Boost Your Search Engine Mojo
  • Getting Involved in the Blogosphere.
  • Get More Blog Subscribers with RSS
  • Ways to Encourage participation
  • Post Valuable Content -- What to Blog About
  • Shameless (and Effective) Self-Promotion of your blog
  • Cross-Promote Your Blog (and your brand) with Web 2.0 Tools like:
  1. – social bookmarking sites
  2. MySpace/Facebook/Friendster – social networking sites
  3. LinkedIn/Ryze – business networking sites
  4. Podcasts
  5. YouTube/Google Video/Yahoo Video
  6. Twitter
  7. Message boards
  8. CafePress

This class is JAMMED FULL of all the coolest web promotion tips I know - I lay it all out in this class (and in the 6-page handout participants get to take home!)

Register now or on site!

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Blogging 101: Spots Still Available

Blogging101notebook Good news! I found out today that there are still a select few spots available to register for my Blogging 101 seminar at MemoryTrends!

Here's what I'll be covering:

  1. What is a blog? 
  2. How is it different from a regular newsletter or website? 
  3. Elements of a Blog/Terminology (with labeled screenshot example)
  4. How can a blog help my business? 
  5. How/where can you set them up? 
  6. How to choose a host
  7. How do you make a blog post? (with labeled screenshot example)
  8. What should you write about?
  9. Examples of using a blog for promotion

The class also includes a 8-page handout to keep for future reference.

Register now or at the show!

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Memory Jogger: It's Time to Round Up August's Memories!


Katie the Scrapbook Lady says it's Time to roundup August!

I use this simple tool every month to "roundup" my memories and now I have a ton of great information to use for journaling and scrapbooking. I challenge you to join me in using the roundup tool. You can post your answers on your blog, use them on a layout, or just jot them down to as a record of the month's activities. You don't have to answer every single question and do all the tasks, just do what you can. You will be glad you did!

I completely bow to Katie's greatness here - especially since she walks the talk.  Not only does she remind us to take a moment to get memories down on paper (or computer screen, as the case may be); she follows through and posts her own answers as mentoring inspiration.

Cowgirl hats off to the Memory Roundup Queen!

P.S. Also congrats to Katie for her 100,000th visitor!  She's now up to over 104,000.  I'm not terribly far behind her - this blog is at just over 95,000 visitors.