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Blogging 201: Yep, Spots Available Here Too!

Blogging 101: Spots Still Available

Blogging101notebook Good news! I found out today that there are still a select few spots available to register for my Blogging 101 seminar at MemoryTrends!

Here's what I'll be covering:

  1. What is a blog? 
  2. How is it different from a regular newsletter or website? 
  3. Elements of a Blog/Terminology (with labeled screenshot example)
  4. How can a blog help my business? 
  5. How/where can you set them up? 
  6. How to choose a host
  7. How do you make a blog post? (with labeled screenshot example)
  8. What should you write about?
  9. Examples of using a blog for promotion

The class also includes a 8-page handout to keep for future reference.

Register now or at the show!

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