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Learn All About Blogging at MemoryTrends

Check out this recent post on KIZER & BENDER's Retail Adventures in the REAL World™ blog:

Learn all about Blogging at Memorytrends!

Angie Pedersen, The Queen of All Bloggers, is doing two programs:
Monday, September 17: "Blogging 101: The What, Why & How of Blogs" from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM and "Blogging 201: I Have a Blog ... Now What?" from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

I am hip-deep in preparing for these seminars, so it's nice to see it mentioned on K&B's blog.  These seminars are basically going to be blog consulting sessions, offering the same advice I give my marketing clients, but live and in real time.  I've taken the research from several of my magazine articles on blogging, and compiled it into a comprehensive overview for Blogging 101.  And I've taken my 27-Point Drive Blog Traffic checklist, and worked it into my Blogging 201 presentation, adding some Web 2.0 components.  I am so jazzed about these classes!  I can't wait to share the bloggy goodness with everyone!

Register today, won't you?  (Or drop me a comment, to let me know if you already have!)

Recent Events

Just a quick update - my grandmother on my father's side passed away on Friday morning.  She had been struggling with health problems for a couple of months, in addition to rapidly advancing Alzheimer's, so it was a blessing for her.  But still hard to handle for those of us left behind.  We had a memorial service on Sunday afternoon here in Kansas City, followed by the funeral and burial this morning in Omaha. 

My mind is teeming with thoughts and memories and emotions, and at the same time, is completely blank.  I know I have a number of "action items" and emails pending - if you are waiting for a response from me, please be patient.  I haven't been on the computer much this weekend, so I'm still sifting through things.

I appreciate your support and patience.

La Vida Core: Week #6

Scale Reporting in - as of weigh-in on Saturday, I was down 2.4# for a total of 9.6.  Always just shy of a milestone, isn't it? :)

The Core plan is easy, but losing weight is hard.  That means - it's easy to *understand* the whole process, but it's soooo not easy to say no to yourself.  And Core means basically no breads or sweets, and I'm a total muffin-and-chocolate kind of gal.  Even after 6 weeks Livin' La Vida Core, we're still adjusting.  Ah well.  The hardest part is not much is grab-quick-and-munch, unless it's a banana or apple.  Most of the food on the Core list needs to be washed, grilled, sliced, diced, picked, scooped, boiled, roasted, or sauteed before consuming.  Rather time-consuming with two parents working outside the home.  I spend most of the day on Sundays on food prep, whether planning meals, grocery shopping, or cooking/prepping for the week ahead.  I'm glad to have it done later on, but it's a bit of a pain.  I consistently have to remind myself that I'm giving myself and my family a gift by prepping these "care packages".  This week I even roped the kids into making "care packages" - snack-size baggies of washed and plucked red grapes.  They both will eat two bags a day, so it's only fair they help with the prep!

At least this week I saw some results at the scale, for all my work.  Two weeks ago at weigh-in, I lost a mere .4#.  The next week - gained it back. Errrrrrrgh!  It's enough to make you want to sit down with a bag of Oreos and not even come up for air until they're gone. (not that it takes too much for me to want to do that...)

I'm going on a lovely weekend scrapbooking retreat with girlfriends this weekend, and ordered a slew of photos from Snapfish the other night.  I included some of the recipe cards from my friend Susan's Recipe Rounds.  Which reminded me of the weight loss album I brainstormed a while back, and how I haven't really been working on that.  LOL  I need to get back to it!  Recipes and quotes in the next couple of posts.

[photo credit: pontuse via stock.xchng]

Are You a Hero in the Sisterhood?

Check out what my marketing client Terri Conrad is doing:

What are your thoughts on being real, on being content, satisfied and happy?

I want to invite you to a new page, "Heroes in the Hood - Sisterhood."

Simply, I believe women need a place to share their stories of courage, and stories of heroism, so as a creator, I've created a neighborhood for sisters to share their stories. You'll find all the details when you click over to the page.  I hope you're moved, inspired, and compelled to participate.  Please, pass the news on to others, and let's build a neighborhood like no other...

...On a weekly basis, beginning Monday, August 20th, I will feature a Hero (or as Oprah says, "shero") who has moved into the Hood - Sisterhood.  She will be showered with blessings, as her story is shared, read, and heard by those who wish to visit.

The sister whose submission is randomly selected will receive a badge of honor to place on her blog or website reflecting her move into the hood - as well as a link enabling others to visit, view the story and see her layout, among previously featured stories.

She has posted a Call for Submissions... any Heroes out there?

Private Scrapbooking Classes

Check out this post I stumbled upon last night: Private Classes.

Today’s Challenge: If you could have one private class with someone famous who would it be and why?

That’s easy. It would most likely be Becky Higgins, just because she has that simple yet stylish look on all her layouts. I love them. She would be my pick for layout creations. Of course, I’m a journaling nut, so for that class it’s a toss up between Joanna Campbell Slan and Angie Pedersen! Mostly just ’cause they seem like such fun women to hang out with and grab lunch and a coffee or something and just chat. Joanna, if you are reading this, I live soooooo close. *hint, hint* and Angie, I might not be AS close, but we are a lot closer than most people! Becky, you’re really freakin’ far LOL

How cool is that??  Out of all the scrapbooking talent out there, this woman picked me as one of the top three for a private class.  Wow. But she says *is* true, I am very fun to hang out with and just chat.  Must be my "humble" personality. ;)

In the comments, I told her to give me a journaling question or two and I’d answer it on my blog.   A mini online class of sorts.  I hope she takes me up on it.

Until then, if anyone else is interested in a journaling class with me, you should take a look at my All About Me Journaling Kit and Private Scrapbook Journaling Coaching Sessions.

All About Me Layouts at BH&G Scrapbooks ETC

Check it out -- Scrapbooks ETC has 17 All About Me Layouts (better known as Book of Me, or BOM, layouts) on their website.

"Me, Defined" by Kristina Proffitt is a variation of "Pieces of Me" - choose descriptors for yourself and include the labels on a layout with a photo of yourself.

Erikia Ghumm did a layout with no photos - having no photos is a common challenge for Book of Me pages.

Kudos to Scrapbooks ETC for valuable BoM (AAM) content!

CK Readers' Choice Awards

Rock COMPLETELY ON!!  Two of my marketing clients have been nominated for Creating Keepsakes' 2008 Readers' Choice Awards!!

Susan White, Director of Marketing for FxFoto blogged about their nominations here: Scrappin' without Scraps: Creating Keepsakes 2008 Reader's Choice Awards.

Terri Conrad blogged about the nomination for her artwork here: Terri Conrad Designs: Reader's Choice - Webster's Pages

High-quality and innovation aside, working with Scrappy Marketing Solutions CLEARLY paves the way for GREAT things!  ;)

Kudos Triscape and Terri Conrad Designs!

P.S. The deadline for voting is October 15, 2007.

Artful Blogger Party

I recently picked up Somerset's new special publication, Artful Bloggers (mentioned on Scrapbooking Industry News).  From the description on the Artful Bloggers webpage:

"Our newest 144 page special publication spotlights some of the exceptional artists’ blogs currently online: Michelle Ward, Belinda Schneider, Misty Mawn, Nina Bagley, Claudine Hellmuth, Celine Navarro and 35 others! This superb publication provides Blogging Etiquette, Blogger’s Must-Haves and How to Get Started on your own blog spot!"

I was very pleased to see my friend Kelly Angard, the Crafty Girl herself, among the artists featured.  LOVE her work - SO inspiring.

I was also very pleased to stumble across this Artful Blogger "party" today, hosted by Artful Blogger ArtsyMama - the party is officially over (it was August 8th), but all the links are still there.  Here's the concept:

To participate all you have to do is have some sort of an "artsy" post on your blog... I originally thought it would be fabulous for everyone to post some sort of tutorial, so we can all go blog hopping and learn a bunch of new, fun techniques.

Like I said, the party is over, but fabulous concept, hey?  Kind of like a one-day Blog Carnival.  With like over 100 links!  Such a variety of crafty goodness!

Just had to share...

Trading Spaces and Facebooking?

So I got an email from Georganne Bender yesterday, the most interesting question:

I was watching Trading Spaces today [8/5/07] and heard a new term.  Two of the women were not into traditional scrapbooking, they were into facebooking, focusing more on the photos.  They were holding one of their facebooks.  As far as I could tell, it was a book of photos with short captions underneath each one. No embellishments of any kind.
I Googled "facebooking" but the only reference is to -- this was clearly not what they were talking about...these were photo albums.  The photos were placed at different angles on the pages, like a traditional scrapbook, and there were captions under each one.  No embellishments and the books were not bound.  The woman had a cabinet full of them and gave one to her friends at the end of the show.

I asked her when the show aired, and she said:

Yesterday afternoon. Four women.  The crafter had her living room re-done by the designer with the long curly hair. The other woman -- a self-named diva -- had her living room re-done, too.  The facebook thing was just a couple of throw away comments but I caught them. 

I had to admit, while I have heard of, I had not heard of facebook-ing, as a verb.  When I Googled facebooking, I found people using that word to mean, basically, "to waste time by browsing".  I didn't find any reference to facebooking as a form of scrapbooking.

I've heard the term "faithbooking", as in scrapbooking about one's faith, but Georganne said that wasn't it.

Have I totally missed some new scrapbooking trend?  Have any of you heard about "facebooking" related to scrapbooking/preserving memories, yet UN-related to