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Livin' La Vida Core

I mentioned last week that my husband and I started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago.  This isn't the first time I've joined WW - WW has worked for me many times.  (insert self-deprecating chuckle)  I've done the Flex Plan/Points program a few times.  But this week my husband and I decided to try the Core plan.  That's basically WW's answer to the South Beach diet - all whole natural foods, restricted starches, whole wheat pasta, lots of fruits and veggies. You basically eat off an approved list of foods.  If a food isn't the list, you're allowed a certain number of Points a week to spend on "other" foods.

I spent the better part of Sunday reading up on the plan; it's been a lot to wrap my brain around.  Took me longer to do our grocery shopping, too, because I was reading all the labels.  Actually I usually read the labels, but this time I was looking for different stuff (no added sugars, etc).

It will take some getting used to.  Every day for lunch I would grab a frozen dinner - easy, no thinking involved.  Dinner was also something frozen (I don't get home until 6:30pm so dinner needs to be quick - or my husband needs to start cooking......BWAhahahahaha!)

So I'll be trying lots of new recipes.  Which brought to mind Susan's Recipe Rounds challenge.  And I thought - how cool and fun it would be to digi-scrap all these new recipes??  It would essentially provide an illustration of the process we're going through, trying to live healthier.  And if a little journaling, a few quotes, and some photos might slip in there...hey...this looks quite a bit like a scrapbook!  ;) 

Approaching it from the recipe album angle feels better to me than a "weight loss journey" album.  NOT that I have anything against a weight-loss album - nothing could be further than the truth.  I applaud all those people working on such albums -- applaud and encourage.  And maybe those of you out there will find something of use in what I'm doing.  That's my hope, and my plan.

So I think I'm going to start posting a few recipes here and there, maybe some weight-related quotes (probably mostly funny), maybe a journaling prompt or two...  what I'd really like to do is something like Shimelle would put together - some online class/project like she does that's totally inspiring and full of crafty coolness.  And I feel pretty safe with this topic - she's such a skinny minnie, I don't see her taking on weight loss inspiration any time soon (maybe after her first kid!  LOL)  Who knows, maybe there's some sort of book in all this.  It's been known to happen.

So.  What do you think?

PS If any of you have any good Core recipes that a "regular" Midwestern family would eat, please share with me! ;)

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have you checked out the Hungry Girl web site - Mary told me about this and they have fabulous recipes....

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