Words from the Scale: part 1
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La Vida Core: Week #1

Just had to report in with results from Week #1 on Weight Watchers' CORE plan - as of weigh-in on Saturday I've lost 2.4#, bringing the total to 5.8.  This was my biggest per-week loss since I started on June 9th.  Five pounds lost seems so inconsequential with what's left to go, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? 

Adapting to Core still isn't easy, but I'm becoming more familiar with what's on the list of Core foods.  The inconvenient part of Core is the pre-planning and prep work.  Most of the foods are fresh - produce or lean meats - so there's quite a bit of washing/rinsing/chopping/slicing/dicing.  But fresh food tastes really good, and I know we'll be healthier for it.  My daughter has been eating apples, grapes, and bananas for snacks, which is a big change from cookies and chips.  My teenage son is still chowing on chips and snack mixes, but he seems the only one in the family who got genetics from my mom's side of the family, lucky him (I got my dad's hearty Swedish stock - lucky me).

We tried a number of new recipes, and one made it through the gauntlet - the other...not so much.  My husband said this one chicken recipe with dilled yogurt sauce would have been fine...without the sauce.  Made me chuckle.  The one recipe that made it (approved for future meals) isn't so much a recipe as a product - Mrs. Grass/Wyler's Homestyle Beef Vegetable Soup -- made with 93% fat-free ground beef, it's Core.  (Mrs. Grass/Wyler's Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup is also Core, according to WW eTools, which is great, since my family already likes that one.)  I browned the ground beef the night before, then put it all in the crockpot to cook so dinner would be ready when we got home (I just love that feeling, knowing it's all done ahead of time.)  My husband and son really gushed over it, so this is a keeper.  Sweet - a crockpot keeper - can't beat that.

Personally, I turned in another Digital Dimension article to Memorytrends magazine this week - this one on lots of ways you can use a blog to promote a scrapbooking business.  Look for that one to come out in the September issue (just in time to promote my blogging seminars at the MemoryTrends show in September!)  My editor at MT also asked me to do another retailer profile, this one for the October issue, I think.  This will be my third retailer profile for them - I've really enjoyed doing them.  It's really interesting to hear what works for different retailers in different areas of the country, and what has helped them become successful.  MTM highlights a different retailer each issue, so if you know of an interesting success story, let me know!  :)  I'd love to do a podcast series on this subject - interviewing different retailers on the phone, hearing about popular classes, techniques, and products, and what fabulous stories are being told in their stores.  How cool would THAT be?  Maybe someday, when I'm a rich woman of leisure... (check back around 2050!)



Hi Angie,
I'm a lurker but just had to speak up quickly. . . :) WW's Core is the BEST! Sister and I have both lost weight and kept it off over 3 years with WW. It changes the way you live; now I eat to live rather than living to eat. You are doing great so far and I hope it continues!
Good luck.
Suzanne G in NC
~slinking off to lurkdom

Angie Pedersen

Thanks so much for the kind comments, Suzanne (and for hopping in out of lurkdom!) I appreciate the encouragement!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

I tagged you as a "rockin girl blogger" lol!

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