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Now appearing in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine...

Yay me!  I just got the August issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself mentioned.  Well, not entirely surprised -- I contributed a short product review of the PURSuE Your Art "changeable art purse", as well as a sample project.  So I knew that was going to be in this issue.


But when I quickly flipped to page 61, I saw that Molly Newman mentioned me specifically in the piece, "Get Hip".  The article showcases various ways to use digital techniques to accessorize wearables, "marrying form with function in this roundup of high-style fashion."

Here's what Molly wrote:

"When I ran into idea book author and scrapbooking blogger Angie Pedersen at a recent trade show, the first thing I noticed -- after her always-present smile -- was the adorable vinyl purse hanging over her shoulder.  It featured a slew of photos of her family and colorful panels as eye-catching as any of the new patterned papers being introduced at the show.

Angie was happy to share her secret with me: her super-stylish purse was far easier to create than it looked!  She'd assembled it in minutes from a kit made by PURSuE Your Art.  It featured eight pockets, each the perfect size to hold a 2-1/2x3-1/2 artist trading card, and larger front, back, and side panels...all completely customizable.

Very cool.

My daughter was also thrilled with the piece - not so much for being proud of me, though - I guess the excitement of seeing my name in a magazine has worn off for her.  No, she was excited about HER name in print.  She is mentioned specifically in the Materials Credits, for her scanned artwork in my sample project.  Well, "fame" *is* a very personal experience - more power to her.  Not every 9-year-old is featured in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine for her original artwork.   :)

A Female Milestone

My 9yo daughter announced last week that she wanted to get her ears pierced.  This from the girl whose daily torture is getting her hair combed, yanking and pulling at her tender scalp.  I was like, "Sweetie, you do know that 'pierced' means 'hole through', don't you?"  But once she had decided it, she had decided it.  Since "most" of her friends (haven't quite determined what "most" actually means in numbers, yet) have pierced ears, she just knew she would survive it too.

So I did a little research among my girlfriends, surveying them about how the process had gone with their daughters.  Advice from the been-there-done-that crowd:

  • Make sure the "piercer" has been officially trained (look for someone who's been doing it for four years as opposed to four days!)
  • Have two people with two guns do it at the same time - if done one at a time, the second ear makes Little Miss a bit anxious about the "sting".
  • All girls had their piercings done at Claire's - doesn't mean that Claire's is the best or safest, simply the statistics in this situation
  • One mom thought that Libby Lu at the mall might also do ear piercings, but couldn't report results
  • When the directions say to "clean well", they mean it.  And make sure to follow through with the full six weeks of after-care, otherwise nasty infection can and will ensue.
  • Use hypo-allergenic earrings

I was curious about where to go, since I had mine done at a General Practioner's office in the first grade.  I asked my mom why she went there, and she said mass ear piercings had really just gotten popular then, and there didn't seem to be any safety code regulations (or at least any that were followed consistently). 

Since all the girls had gone to Claire's and lived, my daughter and I went there tonight.  I wondered as we pulled in if I should have called ahead to make sure two people were available for the double-gun thing, but my daughter was so excited, I let that sway me. 

Nothing bad happened - there was just one person available for the piercing.  The girl did a great job and was very patient answering all of my daughter's questions about what it would feel like and all that.  Listening to her questions, I knew my daughter wasn't anticipating the reality - the piercer-girl kept referring to it as a "sting" or a "pinch".  Dude, poking a needle through skin is a bit more than a pinch, especially for my tender-skinned, low-pain-threshold daughter, but there was no turning back at that point.

3...2....1...Kuh-click!  First ear pierced.  Open-mouthed gape of shock from my daughter, quickly followed by a face crumple, and tears.  Not quite was she was expecting.  And still one more ear to go, knowing the reality of the "pinch".  I felt so bad for her, and kicked myself for not being the Parent, standing firm and waiting until we found a place with two piercing people available.  Always listen to the advice of been-there-done-that girlfriends.

After several minutes of more tears and deep breaths, my daughter said she just wanted to get the other one done.  I was proud of her for her bravery in the face of a known pain.  That's a big thing for her.  Also testimony to how badly she wanted her ears pierced.

3...2...Kuh-click!  (I think the piercer-girl clicked early to catch my daughter off guard.)  My daughter still cried, but it was done.  After some hugs and back-rubbing, we had to go look around the store, tearfully perusing the vast array of accessory options before us (six weeks before us, but still...).  We saw some "High School Musical" earrings, and that made things quite a bit better.  They were very dangly, and way beyond our newly-pierced weight tolerance, but just knowing they were out there was pretty exciting.

We've been home a few hours now, and my daughter has already called both grandmas and cleaned her ears twice.  Her ears still sting, she says, but she's very proud.  And suddenly so very grown-up.  Prom's probably right around the corner.  The perfect setting to show off some fancy "High School Musical" earrings.

Recipe Rounds - Sharing (Digital) Recipe Cards

Very cool idea and project hosted by my friend (and client) Susan: Recipe Rounds - Sharing Recipe Cards.

Here's the basic idea....each week we'll do a different topic and everyone will digiscrap a 4x6 inch recipe card of their favorite recipe or recipes.  Then you will upload your layout to a file sharing service.  Don't worry if you don't know how to do that - I have a tutorial on that coming.  On your blog, make a post about your card and include the download link, then go to DigiShopTalk and post that you did a card on the Recipe Rounds thread for that week.  Make sure you give us a link to your blog post.  Then we can visit all the blogs, download the cards and print them.  At the end we will all have a whole bunch of gorgeous digiscrapped recipe cards with wonderful recipes from all our friends.

Hopefully this will be incentive to get off my butt and get to work on my Christmas Dinner album!  I have the first two pages digi-scrapped - unfortunately there's no actual recipes on them!  LOL

A recent turn of events...

My friend LesMcF has requested an update - if people have to remind me to blog, I must be busier than I realized!  And I've realized...I miss blogging! ;)

She's right, though, it has been a while.  I started a new job at the beginning of May - it's hard to believe it's been nearly 7 weeks already.  The first few weeks my brain was completely fried.  It's been a while since I started a new job, and this one is a little more challenging than I anticipated.  In fact, those first weeks I had nightmares about getting fired because I didn't know what I was doing and couldn't wrap my brain around all the new concepts.  Ugh.  Things have smoothed out quite a bit, and I have a semblance of a routine.  I don't want to say too much about the job for fear of being Dooce'd (however unlikely that may be) - basically I'm doing data analysis of EDI data (Electronic Data Interchange), working with clients to research and correct any errors that causes their data to get snagged in our system.  So many new acronyms and procedures and concepts - I'm still learning.  This job is on another level from any other I've had - higher expectations, higher pay, and more pride and respect.

It's led to a real change in perspective for me.  Because of the pay increase, I'm no longer scrambling to work harder and work more.  When I would come home from my last job, I would make dinner, chat with the kids, then go to work on my websites/blogs/writing/publicity projects until about midnight most nights.  My brain was constantly going trying to think of new projects I could do - ebooks to write, publicity campaigns, teleseminars, podcasts, etc etc.  I don't have the same concerns now... 

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The Scrapbooking Blogger: Apparel and Gifts

Scrapblogger womens tshirt Check out my latest creation: The Scrapbooking Blogger at

The image was created almost entirely digitally, and almost entirely myself - the only piece that wasn't was the piece of torn corrugated cardboard I scanned in.  But I *did* tear it myself!  ;)  The background papers and the rickrack are mine.

Credit and thanks for the pieces I didn't create myself: to Ronna Penner for use of her Type Keys font, and to Ashley Olson for her Daisy Bloom (for which I bought a commercial license).

I know there are hundreds of you scrapbooking bloggers out there - declare your dual passions with this cool tshirt!

(OK - enough blatant self-promotion...back to your regularly scheduled programming...)

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