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A recent turn of events...

My friend LesMcF has requested an update - if people have to remind me to blog, I must be busier than I realized!  And I've realized...I miss blogging! ;)

She's right, though, it has been a while.  I started a new job at the beginning of May - it's hard to believe it's been nearly 7 weeks already.  The first few weeks my brain was completely fried.  It's been a while since I started a new job, and this one is a little more challenging than I anticipated.  In fact, those first weeks I had nightmares about getting fired because I didn't know what I was doing and couldn't wrap my brain around all the new concepts.  Ugh.  Things have smoothed out quite a bit, and I have a semblance of a routine.  I don't want to say too much about the job for fear of being Dooce'd (however unlikely that may be) - basically I'm doing data analysis of EDI data (Electronic Data Interchange), working with clients to research and correct any errors that causes their data to get snagged in our system.  So many new acronyms and procedures and concepts - I'm still learning.  This job is on another level from any other I've had - higher expectations, higher pay, and more pride and respect.

It's led to a real change in perspective for me.  Because of the pay increase, I'm no longer scrambling to work harder and work more.  When I would come home from my last job, I would make dinner, chat with the kids, then go to work on my websites/blogs/writing/publicity projects until about midnight most nights.  My brain was constantly going trying to think of new projects I could do - ebooks to write, publicity campaigns, teleseminars, podcasts, etc etc.  I don't have the same concerns now... 

I still have plenty of ideas, but there's not the same desperate feeling that I have to keep producing.  That breathing room has allowed me to step back and reassess - something I had already been thinking about, but didn't really feel I had the time to spare - I had work to do!

I've reclaimed my evenings, for myself, my husband, and my family.  Every other night is "date night" - we'll watch "24" or "Jericho", or a movie we've rented. I'll sometimes make jewelry or work on a crochet project while we hang out.  I like that I'm working on (gasp) "other crafts". I've surfed sites like Craftster, and realize I'd like to be "crafty" in more ways than just scrapbooking.

Every other other night is on our own - I've discovered the joys of Chuzzle, Cubis, and Atomica. My husband calls me "The Great Chuzzle Hunter".  Someone has to protect the world - I don't mind stepping up to the plate.  It's amazing to me that I can spend two hours on a stupid online game and not feel guilty for not producing something.

I feel the need to declutter - my home, my brain, and my to-do list.  Decide what I really want to do, what will be truly productive and valuable.  And what won't really produce anything, but will suck up time.  So I'm doing a lot of "flinging", as FlyLady would say.  I've decluttered several drawers, and under several sinks, and will be reclaiming a built-in cabinet in my scrap room/office, hopefully this weekend.  My office is just a PIT and the physical clutter is affecting my mental peace.  So much STUFF, and I just want it gone.  I
have less patience for excess these days, for whatever reason.

I'm still working on some of my usual projects - I have an article on blogging in the current Memorytrends magazine, and have another profile piece due to them this week.  I'm working on a major publicity project with Triscape/FxFoto - it's going to completely rock.  Seriously.  Rock. Ground-breaking stuff.  Look for info to be made public in August, and DEFINITELY come talk to me about it if you're at MemoryTrends in September. I'll be at the show teaching two Business Seminars on blogging (registration is now open!).


Melissa O.

WOW! Good to hear you have gotten some breathing room and are getting time with the family again. Can't wait to see the FXFoto project and your blogging pieces. Always love to read your stuff : )

Leslie McF

Thanks for the update - as your #1 fan it is important to keep up with you! Things sound exciting and peaceful at the same time. Can I still catch you at the same time on the ride home?

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