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Kudos for Wholly Scrap

I was very pleased to find this bit on the (new-to-me) blog, We Will Always Have Paris.

Wholly Scrap:  This was my hands-down favorite podcast, but it is no longer in production.  Producer Angie Pederson (author of The Book of Me) decided that it wasn't her thing, which is a damn shame.  However, her back episodes are available to download through iTunes.  She began each episode with recent news in the paper crafting industry.  I loved learning about new products before they hit the market.  I've written her begging that she continue the shows, but so far I've been unconvincing.  I guess she has her hands full with her various websites and marketing projects.  Bummer.

Well, paint my cheeks pink.  What a nice surprise that was.  Of course I had to leave Miss Korie a comment:

Well, girl, you just made my day with your comments about Wholly Scrap. And let me tell you, I do miss podcasting. It definitely IS my thing, and it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make to put the show "on hiatus". I still refuse to say that I "quit", because I loved it so much. I love(d) designing the shows, and the tech-geeky aspect of it. I still hold hope in my heart of getting back to it. You're right in that my other (paying) projects are taking up every moment of my time.

The industry news, at least, is still available, if only in print format, at I have been able to keep up with the blogging (on all three of my blogs), because I can do that in minutes, rather than hours.

Thanks so much for your fabulous comments about Wholly Scrap. Please know that I hope as much as you do that I can eventually return to it.

And I do mean it.  I still miss podcasting, even so many long months later.  If anyone out there figures out how to make it not take three to four evenings to put together a podcast with scripting, recording, and editing in music clips, do let me know, won't you?



Korie B.

I still advocate that you just give up sleeping altogether...


OK, what if you just issued a monthly podcast.

I'm begging here....

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