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An Important Birthday is Approaching...

The Book of Me by Angie Pedersen This National Scrapbook Day, May 5th, marks the 5th anniversary of the release of my first book, The Book of Me. Hard to believe, isn't it?? In honor of the occasion, I'm going to be putting together some resources to give away on my blog, like a mini digi kit and some journaling PDFs. I also will be linking to digi kits I find in online stores that would work well for BoM pages/albums. I thought I'd give you a heads up, in case you design digital scrapbooking kits or embellishments (or know anyone who does), and want to whip a kit together to offer in your store or on your blog.

The book anniversary is a great tie-in to promote the kit. You can call it a Book of Me kit if you base it on prompts, themes, or quotes from my book. I'd appreciate a mention of my name in the kit description, in that case - something like, "based on prompts from The Book of Me by Angie Pedersen" is probably all you'll need.

If you have (or know of something) that works for BoM, send me a link, and I may include it in my listing of resources.

So what do you think?  :)

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Congratulations Angie - what a groundbreaking book it was (and is still so relevant today).


And, here I thought you were going to blog about my birthday....

Amy Duquette

Congrats on the anniversary coming up! What a great accomplishment!

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