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DiSC Talk Radio Interview Now Available

Guest_blinkie Just a heads up that I was recently interviewed by Terra Atkinson for DiSC Talk Radio's Site Sensational.

Here's how DiSC Talk Radio described the interview:

If you are a designer, site owner, or anyone interested in the business side of scrapbooking, you must listen in to Terra Atkinson's informative and fun interview with Angie Pedersen. Boy, listening to Angie is like hearing an audio encyclopedia edition all about this hobby and business we love so much.

...Angie talks to Terra about her entry into the world of scrapbooking years ago, how she went about getting her first book published, the success of her many sites, and tips on how designers can be successful in the scrapbooking business.

The interview is about 56 minutes long, if I remember correctly, so lots of good stuff in there.  It was one of my better interviews -- Terra asked great questions!

BTW - to download the mp3, you'll need to login to the site.  You can register for free, and get access to all their podcasts.

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